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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by parasigs, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. Im going to london for a briefing followed by interview. Any handy hints and tips would be most welcome( even if they do seem bone!)

  2. Recce route as london can be a right Tw@t to get round, Identify the actual office. I've spent ages walking up and down streets trying to find entrances to hidden offices

    Take all your certs in a binder

    Suit up

    Research the company (online)

    Have a few intelligent questions to ask them

    Be clear about your availability/Be flexible

    All straight forward stuff (apologies for egg sucking)

    Oh, be contactable and be nice to the birds in the office as it may be their fingers doing the dialling when it comes to mobilisation
  3. I had one with Aegis recently, and before I even got onto the interview I had to pre-prepare a paper, write an essay on the day, and deliver a briefing. None of it particularly taxing, but be prepared for little unexpected challenges
  4. Hi parasigs, we spoke by mail a while ago. As I said before, I went for an interview last month so I will put together a few notes and send them over to you either tomorrow or the start of next week.
  5. Hi parasigs, would that be the one on the 6th? If so I will be there myself!!

  6. if it is a friday you could come along to the city arrse meet :thumright: