Armitage Shanks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TVEDU_RED, Mar 24, 2005.

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  1. Just back from the pub, went for a pee, looked at the urinal and wondered (not for the first time) "Who is Armitage, and what is a shank?"

  2. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    unsure, but the factory is 20 mins up the road from me.... or one of them anyway 8O

    beer.... mans bezzer mate :D

    last orders? i shit 'em!
  3. Dunno about Armitage, but I'd heard of "Shanks of Barrhead" before (a tale by the bearded loon I think).

    Google offers:,349529&_dad=pestro&_schema=PORTAL_TESTRO

    They must get the prize for the most p*ssed-on business name ever though? :lol:
  4. Having boated past "Armitage Shanks" (on the canal) several times,we always gather on deck to witness the greatest collection of sanitary ware known to mankind.Awesome :lol:
  5. They were one of my customers so very, very sadly I know the answer.

    A Mr Armitage and a Mr Shanks started the company.

    Dull but true.

    Far more intersting to beleive that Mr Armitage was a cockney who invented a porcelain receptacle to throw one off in to and named it in rhyming slang accordingly.

    And that a fcuking really, really high fcuking wall between the factory and the canal, I know cause i nearly fell off the cnut.
  6. Just closing down and found the Barrhead page still open. 8O WTF?

    Seems the answers were there all along... :oops:

    Now.. how about a nice cup of tea? :D
  7. Admired it on several occcasions :lol:
  8. A sad true story that taught me to think twice before opening my big gob.

    I once worked for a company that held the PC maintenance contract for Armitage Shanks, and was tasked with a job there one day.

    Any way on arrival I was fit to burst and uttered the memorable line as I entered reception of

    "Hello love have you got a loo."

    The look the receptionist gave me said it all, needless to say I finished the job and scarpered

  9. At the target in front, in you're own time go on
  10. On that note i've noticed urinals in Germany often have a picture of a fly on them - presumably as something to aim at. What's that all about??
  11. Living in a land where constipation is an unknown factor I bought an American Standard crapper when I move into my condo.
    Now't better then releasing ya load on our 'old colonials' finest.