Armistice Day / Veterans Day

I know that in the UK Remembrance Sunday varies as to the date but here in the US we observe it on November 11th as that was the date of the Armistice for WW I.

I thought perhaps we might want to share our observations and impressions of local observances that we watched or participated in.

This morning I went to Harvard University where a plaque was being unveiled at Memorial Church which honors (i.e. honours) the 16 alumni of Harvard who have earned the Medal of Honor from the Civil War to Vietnam. The Alumni Association decided to present the plaque to the church after they realized that Harvard has more alumni who have earned the medal than any school other than West Point and Annapolis.

The service was quite nice, involving Rev Peter Gomes, the head chaplain at Harvard, Dr Drew Gilpin Faust, the President of Harvard and General George W.Casey the Army Chief of Staff. General Casey was the principal speaker and spoke of remembering those who served and those who have fallen. Memorial Church was built in memory of fallen Harvard Alumni of the Great War and the names of those fallen are engraved on the walls of the mail lobby. The fallen of WW II are engraved on plaques on the south wall of the church with plaques for Korea and Vietnam and the new Medal of Honor plaque on the North Wall. General Casey mentioned that his father Major General George Casey (Harvard '45) was named on the Vietnam plaque.

Among those attending were Captain Thomas Hudner USN (ret.) who earned the Medal of Honor in Korea and Susan Roosevelt Weld whose father and grandfather each earned the Medal ( D Day and San Juan Hill respectively).

The Color Guard and ushers were all Harvard students who are ROTC cadets/midshipmen and they did an outstanding job. All in all a fine and moving ceremony to honor veterans.

I should note that the president of Harvard, Dr Faust is a historian and her most recent book "This Repubic of Suffering" deals with the impact of the US Civil War casualties on US society and culture. She feels that much of the way our society treats veterans (benefits, VA hospitals etc) grows out of our horror of the Civil War casualties.

I hope UK ARRSEr's are not offended by an overdose of US information but it is Veteran's Day here and this is the US forum.
It was a solemn event so I did not take any pictures but found some on the internet and was going to post them but found pictures cannot be posted on the US forum. Not sure why

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