Armistice Day forgotten

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. Not sure that this is the right forum for this, but here goes.

    Just back from the newsagent in my local town, where I bought the usual Saturday papers and pontefract cakes.

    I looked in vain for the Poppy collection tin on the counter so I could donate the change. Odd, I thought that there wasn't one there - every other shop in town has one.

    I asked the mid-30s woman behind the till where the Poppy box was. 'Ohh, it's still round the back', she said. 'When is poppy day anyway?' she asked.

    You mean Armistice Day? 'Yeah, I suppose so ... when is armistice day?'.

    I told her it was November 11th and she seemed quite surprised.

    I swear this is true.
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    which shop in Pontefract was that then
  3. T'was in Oxfordshire. Pontefract cakes are widely available across the nation, you know. Yum.
  4. I've noticed this kind of thing before. Last year I really struggled to find places that had poppies (I was in London), I haven't seen any anywhere yet this year.
  5. My newsagent had one but you had to ask it got fed up of kids trying to nick
    poppies or the tin :( .
  6. Had 'em on reception desk since last Monday. Going to go bankrupt buying the bleeders as I keep losing them or they jump off of their own accord.

    Anyone want to fill my tin? MDN, please do not answer this question!
  7. Our pub has had the poppy box on the bar since Thurs 26th - All the Regular locals will be wearing their poppies by Tues next and WILL be at the Remembrance Service or have a bloody good excuse why they're not there! :wink:
  8. Well, my work was supposed to put the box out yesterday and I'm heading into work in 8 hours. Be somewhat dischuffed if I get there to find it's where I left it...

    Presumably the usual name and shame thread will be running...
  9. I can't express the lack of regard for this day, fortunately, poppies are available in my area, today I went into the local tesco, tin was 12ft plus away from the poppies!, which were sat on a window sill behind the counter.

    You will be pleased to note, the fine lady serving (lovely chebs) sorted them out and hey presto....poppies in your face at the lotto till.

    If your away, have one of mine! (see link) and don't forget to donate.
  10. Its a wee bit early yet.
  11. I'm working away and asked a mate to bring some out from the UK for a few of the lads here that do remember, as he was travelling out last Thursday.

    He went on the hunt in Basingstoke on Wednesday last week, and was told in a number of places that they were not due to go on sale until Thur 26th. Fortunately he found a friiendly shop keeping willing to break the rules and sell one early...

    Is it just me or do you remember a time where you could walk into almost any shop, bar, cafe or elsewhere and everyone had them for sale.... what happened to the RBL volunteer rattling a tin in your face on a Saturday morning ?

    Having to go searching to finding a popply just strikes me as really odd.....
  12. ...which is interesting, since our box and tin were delivered Friday with a verbal request from the RBL guy that we weren't to start displaying them until Saturday.
  13. Got mine whilst visiting Stonehenge yesterday - The ACF were collecting.

    My 27 year old Polish friend asked why.

    I told her.

    "I buy one too to wear. We had Polish Brigade during war. My friend has brother in Iraq also"

    Funny how the wind blew dust into my eye at that moment.
  14. We were selling poppies yesterday and were told "not to rattle the tin because it may be thought of as begging"!!!!
  15. That'll be the reason then ! Unbelieveable....

    Well at least I can say on a positive note there are a number of us here in the back waters of Kazakhstan sporting our poppies.....

    My theory, rattle the tin.....