Arming the Police?

After the dreadful news about the two brave Police Women callously gunned down in persuit of their duties,I just heard Micheal Winner on Sky News giving his expert opinion on arming the Police.
With all the gun crime you read about every day in the media,It's only going to be a matter of time.I's sure there are only so many SO19 firearms units around & I'm sure,with all the terrorism luking about,they're stretched to the limit.
The unarmed British Bobby is part of the 'institution' & it will be a sad day when they are all armed.To walk into a unknown situation armed with a baton takes guts.The actions of these two brave Police Women proves that.
First step on the long road could be giving all bobbies proper body armour asap.

It just seems stupid that in our current climate that UK Police still are not armed, is it a case of it would cost too much money?
doghead said:
is it a case of it would cost too much money?

i think it's more a case of the police aren't willing to carry weapons, we've seen the amount of b*llshit caused when someone actually gets shot, and usually ends up with the copper being nicked for murder or GBH, wounding with intent etc.
i personally think every police officer should carry firearms. atm, the police are completely defenseless against armed attackers. imo SO19 are useless and a waste of resources. resources better spent equiping and training EVERY police officer in the use of firearms.
I don't believe that all police officers should be issued firearms. My brother is a Met policeman and has described many tense situations which I and he believe would only be exacerbated if officers were viewed as paramilitary. It's a serious enough situation if they draw their asps, let alone a firearm.

Edited to add: Not all people are comfortable around guns and there are a lot of fine men and women who might be put off a career as a police officer if carrying and ergo possibly using firearms was a part of the job description.
I do not know how many of you have had a walk down one of the FBI ROAD layouts - sure you've seen them on film/tv - where situations happen and yoy decide if you shoot or not. It is incredibly easy to make a mistake.
Arming the police will not do it. They need to be ready to respond with deadly force. We have seen what this leads to - table legs and Brazilians and naked women under bed sheets.
Somehow, our police need help in assessing situations. Not the sort whilst they wait outside a house, occupied only by the intruder's victim slowly bleeding to death, doing a health and safety assessment. They need to be able to sense when things are wrong. Our guys did it in NI when they worked out whether or not to go down one of those alleys in Andersonstown. Winner's experience is in making vigilante movies and not in police or law and order tactics.
Micheal Winner did make the point about the current issue body armour is too bulky & uncomfortable in hot weather.
But I was suprised that the chose to interview him & not a senior Police Officer. He was described as pro arming the Police. Do you think that the govenment have a inability to provide good kit to those who need it like the Police as well as the Forces?
The body armour always crops up whenever a tragic event like this occurs.Maybe it's time to take heed?
My brother's problem with the body armour that he was issued is the fit for the length of his body rather than bulkiness - he had to have one that's too short as the longer one made it almost impossible to sit down! Then again, as he says, with all the stuff that he carries on his belt it'd be a lucky shot or stab to get him.
:D :D With regards to body armour I'm on my Met Specials Foundation course at Hendon at the moment. We were measured up for our Metvests on Tuesday and I was surprised at the low level of protection that they offered.
They are classified as HG1/KR1 by the Police Scientific and Development Branch so therefore they will stop a 9mm/357/.22LR/.38 at 10 mteres. Not high velocity rounds. Shotgun may penetrate at close range! :( :(
I'm hoping that CS and an ASP baton will do the trick in Walthamstow.....coupled with some strong language 8O 8O
Sh*t happens. :x :x
RIP. Condolences to the officers family. :( :(
The police were tasked with going to an incident that turned out to be an armed robbery.
Because we do not arm our police two things occurred. Firstly we have a police officer who is dead and one seriously injured. Secondly the robbers were able to get away. Had these police officer been armed they might now be uninjured and the robbers in custody.

As far as I am concerned the police are there to uphold the law and protect me. If I am being threatened by an armed assailant be it a mugger, burglar or some one who just doesn't like me I am reliant on the police to protect me. I do not have the option of being armed myself with anything let alone a firearm so why should I have to wait for a specialist police officer to arrive to protect me.

The police should be armed all the time, to protect me, themselves and be able to stop those who increasingly go armed with firearms
Whether the police are armed or not - and I would prefer them not to be, other than specialist teams - the courts need to be much tougher when sentencing, to deter people from having anything to do with illegally-held firearms.

Removing legally held weapons appears to have had no effect whatever on crime.
As a ex copper, I was armed virtually every day for 14 out of 15 years. I believe that the number of armed police should be increased even if that means changing the traditional image. The world is a different place and I am full of respect for these officers running into the incident but I much prefer the scum to be dead rather than a officer.

It also requires a change in mindset to accept that a firearm is just another tool, but better to have and not need to use it than never have the choice. THe ARV will never be close enough when you need one.

There will be a lot of debate over this and I am just a chairborne warrior so I cannot second guess what happened but I also STRONGLY believe and always have done that there must be a deterrent to murder and that IMO is capital punishment, but then few politicians walk the streets or go to war.....
Restore our Right to carry firearms & the criminals will have to decide whether or not they "feel lucky" when considering armed robbery as a career.


There are arguments for and against arming every police officer and frequenty, we make comparisons with America. All police officers on mainland Europe are armed and don't seem to have any of the problems associated with American experiences.

If it were down to me, I would ask the rank and file to vote on it. If police officers in this country can continue to do their thankless daily duties without firearms then hats off to them. The day they feel they need to be armed then the Government should support them and ensure that those who protect us are protected.
Biscuits_AB said:
.... If police officers in this country can continue to do their thankless daily duties without firearms then hats off to them....
I think that when police officers are killed because they cannot fight back against an armed criminal then they are not capable of doing their duties, thankless or otherwise. Why should we be asking the police whether they wish to carry firearms. Do we ask our soldiers in NI if they want to carry them? No, firearms were needed for a soldier to do his job in the same way that the police need to have them now to do their jobs.

The days of the bobby on the beat with a whistle and trunceon are long gone. The days of the criminal saying "fair cop guv I'll come quietly" are also long gone. Drug dealers and gang members routinely arm themselves, why should the police not carry them?
Life on the street has changed, it's about time that the police changed to enable them to give the public the protection they deserve and pay for.
I'm a little discomforted by thinking that there would be armed police walking around the street all the time... I can only imagine what would happen should a novice policeman/woman find themselves in a situation having pulled a gun while under stress. Leave the weapons to the specialist armed response teams. I know that police face danger on a daily basis, but the statistics speak for themselves on this - how many policemen/women get shot per year.

On the flipside of the argument of countering armed criminals, surely bringing more guns into the equation is just going to "up-the-ante" to even higher and higher levels?
Every officer should have an individual choice on wether to carry firearms. An inner city bobby in a crack infested sh1thole would probally need one more than a guy in Little Boreingham on the wold . I,ve spoken to some police mates before about this and they all feel an officer should have the right to bear arms if they want to. So long as correct procedure & training is in place across the board.

Regards LT.
Oddbod said:
Restore our Right to carry firearms & the criminals will have to decide whether or not they "feel lucky" when considering armed robbery as a career.
problem is that in this country, if you so much as sneeze in the direction of the criminal, you'd probably be arrested and they would get away scott free.

we all know the stories of the burgular who broke in to somoene's house, injured themselves doing so, then sued the home owner.
I suppose it also boils down to Armed Response Officer who routinely spends time on the range,be it out door or SAT type V the armed beat 'bobby' who only gets to see a range let alone shoot on it once in a blue moon.
I think the standard of training and equipment given to the firearms officers is fantastic, but as its been said before they are trained to get to places lightning quick, in many instaces they will not know its a "firearms" incident until the normal PC's attend and tell them it is. It is very much the British way of dealing with these issues, to slam the gate once the horse is long gone.

For instance the Met Police top dog has been asking for public debate on several big issues, actions on suicide bomber etc. He is trying to get it sorted so his guys and gals can do there job effectively, but no the turds up above would rather he just bimbled along and wait for another incident to happen, then we can blame officers for trying to save lives.

Think we need to get a grip really, who gives a fook if arming the police takes away from there "bobies the beat" look, rather that than other senseless wastes of life.

sorry if my spelling is poo, on nights and fooked


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