Arming the insurgents?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. Just as I was beginning to believe (not) that Iran really was the main culprit in arming the insurgents, along comes this little tidbit...

  2. I don't quite follow Your arguement WC.

    Are You stating catagorically that Iran ISN'T the source of the EFPs in Iraq?
  3. Nothing to follow Sven, I don't present an argument. It's a comment followed by a news article from Fox News and just about every other international media source.

    The news source concerns the 'disappearance' and unknown whereabouts of over 50% of the weapons supplied by the US to the Iraqi security forces. However, it doesn't take too many brain cells to put together a reasonable conclusion that these very weapons are being used by all sorts of militias in the vicious civil war currently going on there.

    On the other hand, you could continue to try and send the thread off at a tangent by discussing the alleged supply of EFP technology by Iran.
  4. Sven are you saying that Iran is the only source of EFPs in Iraq?
  5. CR are you saying that Iraq is the only source of insurgents? Or that Iraq is the only source of Iraqis?
  6. Well considering the topic and of course my firm belief in inductive reasoning. I would have to say that yes indeed Iraq is the only place that you indeed can get: Insurgents, Iraqs and of course salt water taffy.
  7. When someone says "Just as I was beginning to believe (not) that Iran really was the main culprit in arming the insurgents" I have to ask for qualifications.

    NO, they may not be the main source of AK47s and pistols, but the British boys on the ground seem to have the gen that they are a major source of armaments I have to listen.

    Because WC, they are an awfully lot closer to the intelligence than we are.
  8. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    They had also armed the Mujahideens in Afghanistan against the USSR.
  9. A very inconclusive finger has indeed been wagged in that direction.

    Still, not got a comment on the 'disappearance' of weapons indicated in the article, but remain keen to bang on about EFP's allegedly from Iran. Good show Sven! :x
  10. I take the hint.

    Isn't it rather old news?
  11. Indeed it is. But, for some unexplained reason, it always seem to get overlooked when the blame game starts wagging fingers at China, Syria, Iran and others.

    Moreover, some people just don't want to believe it or discuss it. They just want to talk about EFPs and such like.
  12. Well, if we're going to discuss it, let's at least be clear - the US is not intentionally supplying arms to Insurgents, what has happened is, they've brought in a whole whack of weapons and control was not tight enough on their distribution, and now the US has carried out some accounting and discovered that 110,000 AK 47's and 80,000 Pistols have gone AWOL, along with helmets and armour. This was an error in control, and needs to be redressed for the future.

    These weapons are out there now, the US know it, but they can't do a damned thing about it. It's not the same as Iranian supplied arms etc.
  13. Quite.