Arming Rebels

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spice2, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. So the U.S is considering the idea of providing Arms to Libyan rebel forces.......

    They obviously haven't considered the fact that it was them that provided Arms to Afghanistan to fight the Russians many many years ago to only have it bite them on the arse later on in life.

    PXR points gents.....
  2. Its a bad business all this Libya thing....a big mistake getting involved, especially like this.
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  3. Arming islamist rebels?

    What could possibly go wrong!

    "…The analysis of the Combating Terrorism Center of West Point was based on the records captured by coalition forces in October 2007 in a raid near Sinjar, along Iraq’s Syrian border.

    The eastern Libyan city of Darnah sent more fighters to Iraq than any other single city or town, according to the West Point report. It noted that 52 militants came to Iraq from Darnah, a city of just 80,000 people (the second-largest source of fighters was Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which has a population of more than 4 million).

    Benghazi, the capital of Libya’s provisional government declared by the anti-Qaddafi rebels, sent in 21 fighters, again a disproportionate number of the whole.

    If the 2007 captured records revealed the Eastern Libyan participation in the anti-coalition forces militancy in Iraq one could imagine the Banghazi-Darnah export of Islamists since then.

    “Libyans were more fired up to travel to Iraq to kill Americans than anyone else in the Arabic-speaking world,” Andrew Exum, a counterinsurgency specialist and former Army Ranger noted in a blog posting recently. “This might explain why those rebels from Libya's eastern provinces are not too excited about U.S. military intervention. It might also give some pause to those in the United States so eager to arm Libya's rebels.”…"

    Libyan rebellion has radical Islamist fervor: Benghazi link to Islamic militancy:U.S. Military Document Reveals | Asian Tribune
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  4. It's okay, we'll make them all promise really, really hard to be really, really nice and make them cross their hearts and everything. If Hezbollah really are in Libya then this might just be the Obama administration sticking their collective fingers up at the pedestrians.
  5. I completely agree with your post, but I thought I'd better get the fact right. Don't remember the Iraqis fighting the Russians.
  6. +1 - will they never learn. You just cant win in this area. Best keep out of it and step in later when its all over.
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  7. Lol, yes you are right Crashtest, I don't know why I wrote Iraq when I knew it was AFG..oops

    noted and edited...
  8. It will all end in tears. Someone should tell CMD to butt out while he can or else as the saying goes, "We're doomed, DOOMED I tell you".
  9. They started earlier than that, I believe they supplied weapons to Vietnamese " Freedom Fighters" to take on the Japanese only to face said wepons themselves 20 odd years later.
  10. Not particularly true. The OSS mission to Indochina, 'Team Deer' only existed for the final fortnight of the war. They wwere only on the ground for the blink of the eye, just before the big one dropped on Hiroshima. The amount of weaponry provided to the Viet Minh by the septics was negligible compared to that sent to them by Mountbatten.

    Indochina was a bit of a grey area between theatre commands. Mountbatten's SEAC (Save Englands Asian Colonies) competed there with the US China Command for influence.

    The British Force 136 provided many many more weapons to both the Việt Nam Quốc Dân Đảng and the Việt Minh than the US ever did.

    The French deported most of their political prisoners (Read Viet Communists) to Madagascar. When Mountbatten 'liberated' Madagascar he promptly taught the banged up Vietnamese how to parachute and then sent them back to Vietnam.

    The head of what would become the Viet equivalent of the Stasi was parachuted into Vietnam along with radios and crates of Sten guns.

    Probably the same batch of Sten guns that caused so much heart burn in Malaya from 1946 onwards.

  11. You forgot about our own little cockup in Malaya,
  12. I was under the impression that most of the Vietnamese weapons were of Japanese origin with the US pieces coming from being captured off the french or supplied over the border from China.

    I was also under the impression that all various cahes of arms were being flung over the far east post war. Most of the inital resistance movements seemed to be japanese trained and equipped( possibly from raiding caches left behind)
  13. Even earlier than that.


    Hat, coat, taxi - gone
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  14. Probably not, large quantities of STEN's, BREN's and HP's were supplied to the Chinese during WWII via Inglis in Canada. We had also supplied large numbers of weapons to the Malaysian Communists to use against the Japanese in 1945.
  15. The Viet Minh did not start to be seriously suplied with any kind of weapons until Mao came to power in late 1949. Until then the Viet Minh used home made weapons, those that they captured from the French.

    Astonishingly there were a number of French officers actually imprisoned on for selling weapons to the Viet Minh.

    Ho Chi Minh used the proceeds of the Northern Opium crop, which he controlled, and a 'gold drive' to buy whatever he could on the open market which was not much. The main arms market post war was centered in Bangkok. Thailand beng the only SEAsian non-colony had a much more laissez faire attitude to both the gun and drug trades.

    The Viet Minh enjoyed very little military success prior to 1950. After the Chinese started providing the weapons the Viet Minh went from strength to strength.