Armed with hindsight.....

Discussion in 'REME' started by Cracklenose, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. Now armed with the power of hindsight - Turning back the clock, would you at 18 yrs old in 2006:

    A Join up again?

    B If yes: join REME? (If so: same trade?)

    C If not REME, who?
  2. A - No

    B - What Trade? Any one can fill in an 8800.

    C - HSE - so much potential out there.......
  3. A Join up again? Yes - keeps me away from the NHS!

    B If yes: join REME? (If so: same trade?) No - not much choice as an MO! RAMC.

    C If not REME, who? N/A

    D - would try to get university sponsorship this time though ;)
  4. Yep If I was the same kid leaving school; I would grab the ARMY, The REME and my trade as an Armourer with both hands. Although I recognise thise choice is not for all.

  5. Only joking,

    A - Of course

    B - Could'nt wear a beret with anything else in it. Naturally B mech ( someone has to keep A mechs right).

    C - A quetion I often used to ask myself, who else is out there?

    Look at the time.........They are open!! Fall Out.
  6. A - Possibly

    B - Probably not

    C - Cavalry . ScotsDG most likely.

    Would like the chance to spend a few years driving round and breaking stuff, ocassionally shoot stuff, have a good nights kip while some mug fixes your broke stuff and then when all that gets boring spends a few years in a store until I could pick up a pension. The after NAAFI break knock off's and sh1tloads of 'admin' time would go down quite nicely too.

    Would love to be able to use some of those detested one liners too.....'do you know what's wrong yet ?...' , 'how long are you going to take.....' etc,etc
  7. Yes and yes for me!

    Can't imagine doing anything else. Quite sad, I suppose.
  8. yes would join up

    yes would probably opt for reme or engineers

    yes same trade but would deffinitly go tiffy( i await the incoming)
  9. A: yes
    B: yes
    I've had my ups and downs, but overall I've had a great time, meet some great people and I like the fact that REME people, on the whole, do the job all the time and not just when the sh1t hits the fan.
  10. A Join up again? Yes

    B If yes: join REME? (If so: same trade?) Possibly - (I transferred from Engineers)

    C If not REME, who? Engineers - I'd have me eyesight sorted first though.

  11. I do what i do, and thats what i wanted to do and realy i dont think i could do any thing else.

    So there is nothing else i would do different.
  12. Yep, I'd do it again and all of it the same way - even the naughty bits - no regrets what-so-ever. So there.
  13. Definition of Insanity= Doing the same thing again and expecting a different result.

    So in my case I would not join the Army again as a fresh faced 18 year old. i would give the RAF a go or the Navy, or maybe work for a living.
  14. i,d have gone for co,s driver!!
    The only difference being that I would not have optes out at the 15 year point.

    The grass is not necessarily greener in the other fiels.