Armed US Police/British Troops to patrol 2012 Olympics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape34, Feb 6, 2007.

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  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I did not think that normal members of the armed forces were allowed to work with loaded weapons in public.
  3. What like NI and maingate sentry???
  4. This scenario is hardly NI and the main gate is mod property.... dullard!
  5. my point is soldiers all ready have a proven track record of carrying arms in public, have they not recently been seen at heathrow? I'm not trying to pick an argument with anyone, anyway IF it ever happened I'd expect them to be heavily shepherded by a copper.
  6. Im not sure Id want gun toting Yank Cops in the UK, their rules of engegment are wildly different from ours!!

    As for UK armed forces, well, its been done plenty of other times, ie Heathrow etc
  7. Uk Mil can and does conduct overt armed patrols if requested by Home Office and approved by Armed Forces Minister. It happens quite regularly at Heathrow when the threat state goes up.
  8. That you are right of, in the eighties and nineties British troops deployed to protect airheads in mainland Britain. Always with a constable in reach...

    IMHO, you will see armed police a lot more then you do now. Troops will be on standby although not on the streets as it is the olympic games and not the para military games.

    London has an ideal military infra-structure to house troops (maybe not then anymore) and woolwich is just down the road, hounslow, HGP etc...
  9. Short fuse.... the met police chief constable has to give his ok for troops to be on any of Greater Londons streets when armed...!
  10. What is so special that US Forces have to be involved? What would we do if - say - Israeli DF wanted to be represented? Given today's Sun, I'd rather have guide dogs on patrol.
  11. We are more than capable of policing the games with UK assets only. There should be no need for foreign agencies, unless of course foreign agencies want to be involved and someone hasn't got the backbone to tell them where to go.
  12. I visualise a scenario as follows> a year before the olympics.
    USA "we want our own security for our guys and we won't turn up if you refuse"
    UK "think we had better agree as we want them to be a sucess and we have already hocked the country into long term dept to pay for this two week sportsfest"

    cynical? moi?
  13. I have no problem with foreign police on the UK's streets. It's happened before for international events and, as the article said UK police have deployed overseas. However, IMHO, they should be in liason / crowd control roles and have no formal powers of arrest ie be paired up with a UK bobby and certainly they should not be armed.

    As to troops on the ground, isn't that what the CCRF (or whatever it's called now) is for? The TA will doubtless be mobilised to provide bodies to man checkpoints traffic control etc. I can't see armed military on the streets though - it would frighten away the tourists, which is the whole point of having the games in the first place.

  14. I wouldn't bet on this or any significant mil involvement. If it is a low level security task, not likely to involve the use of armed force, then why use the Amed Forces, and not a low level security organisation, public or private? The Army is neither configured, funded nor specfically trained for this sort of work and, whilst things like FRESCO still occur in extremis, there would need to be a good case to use troops, Reg or TA, for effectively civilian work (thereby depriving the private sector of possible income).
  15. There will without doubt be foriegn police officers here for the Olympic games. However I am sure that it would be more in the liason role the same as when our Football liason officers go to tournaments abroad. It is purely on an intelligence basis rather than getting "stuck in ".