Armed Robbery in Scouse Sweetie Shop

No pocket money for sweets pet, heres your shooter like all the other kids, we don't want to look snobby paying for things :)



i'd have fleeced everything i could lay me mitts on. literally. if it wasn't nailed down and i had space to carry it, i'd have been out of there with it.

Just so i didn't look like a complete KN0B in the papers.


vinniethemanxcat said:
Police are searching for four Scousers with nice breath :lol:

After extensive searches and checking the whole male population they found two male pensioners who had made recent use of Steradent. Both were arrested and held on remand for being armed with zimmer frames.


Reminds me something I read in 'Words Dumbest Criminals' or some such book.

Basically a bloke paid with a 20 pound note, and when the cash register was open demanded all of the money in the till. He left the 20 pound note and fled with the takings from the till.

When the owner counted his losses it amounted to just under 15quid. A net result of minus 5 quid for the robber. :D

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