Armed Robbery Balkans Style

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rickshaw-major, May 13, 2008.

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  1. Their chavs are worse than ours - where do they think they are - London?

    From the Sarajevo newspaper Dneni Avaz - 1 May 2008

    "Two gunmen have been arrested after they robbed a gas station close to the city of Žepče. The circumstances of this robbery are pretty unusual. Apparently two men arrived on bicycles, carrying heavy guns with them. Vernes Girotić age 23 and Ajdin Nadžak age 29 arrived at the gas station carrying two machine guns. One of them had an old Yugoslavian heavy machine gun M-53, while the other one had a more modern version of a light machine gun M-72. The workers on the station were stunned with the fire power of the robbers, which after they took all the money from the cash register stole a car from one of the station workers. Police found the car during the next day abandoned along the side of the main road to Tuzla. Police were quick to have several conversations with the station workers. During questioning police found that one of the former station workers were complaining few months ago that he has a machine gun and does not know what to do with it. During the search of the suspect house some of the stolen money was found along side with the heavy machine gun used in the robbery. Soon enough second suspects was arrested and taken into custody. According to the police report legal procedures for the suspect are in progress, while it remains noted that this was the first time that the robbers decided to use machineguns as a weapon of choice.
  2. Almost certainly worth rather more than the takings of a Sarajevo petrol station.
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    Got to ask, given your fascination with things that go bang. :roll:

    Were you one of them? :)
  4. I was the one that got away :D

    I am just trying to envisage riding a bicycle down the street with an MG42 and an LMG in tow. Covert OPs it wasn't!
  5. Clearly not! Neither was I one of THEM!
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    You have to admit though, it does have a certain 'style' about it. :D
  7. The cycle to work scheme got taken a bit over the top....