Armed robbers steal poppy money

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ukdaytona, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Axe-wielding robbers threatened to hack off the fingers of staff during a robbery at a Royal British Legion branch in Greater Manchester.
    Three masked men entered the Legion, on Turves Road, Cheadle, in the early hours of Tuesday and one of them held an axe to the head of the manager.

    The offender then threatened to cut off her fingers if she did not co-operate.

    The trio left with a substantial amount of money, most of which had been raised at recent Poppy fund-raising events.

    No-one was injured in the incident, although the manager and two other women staff were left upset and shaken by their ordeal, said police.

    Full Report :

    May those responsible contract some suitably painful condition that gives them a long painfull lingering end.
  2. Similar thing happened to me in '05.

    Was working in a hotel at the time, we had a poppy box at reception and at about 0100 two lads with knives came charging in and took the box.

    Burn 'em.
  3. I hope they catch them so that they can give them a warning and send them on holiday (hopefully to Afghanistan) the poor little deprived barstewards
  4. When they find these b astards, give them to us to sort out in some back alley in Manchester in a tarred and feathered style, making sure that the tar is at boiling point. This is an outrageous act and deserves to be punished in an outrageous way.
  5. They are simply scum - kill them!
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Kill them.
  7. i hope they get these b###ards and introduce them to a world of pain preferably with electric drills to wedding tackle area
  8. I sincerely hope they are caught - by coppers who's previous employment was in the Para's or Bootnecks.

    "They fell down some stairs, Sarge."

    "You arrested them in the middle of the street!"

    "Stairs were provided, Sarge." :twisted:
  9. How many flights ??
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. As many as possible, mate! :twisted:

    They should also be charged with Attempted Assualt of a Police Officer: viciously headbutting and bitting the copper's boots...then set the dogs on them and charge the cnuts with Cruelty to Animals as well!
  11. Absolutely reprehensible behaviour.
  12. Words cant describe the hatred I have for this scum :x
  14. Anyone know if the UDF have a "Tar and feather two, kneecap one" offer? I'm sure we could get a whip-round on ARRSE... :twisted:
  15. How about using the perpetrators for a spot of bayonet practice gents?