Armed robber's bad choice

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. Of course this would never do in the UK

    Worse idea: holding up a store clerk who is not only proficient in firearms, but who also happens to be an Iraq war veteran and a former prison guard and private investigator.

    Jon Lewis Alexander, 54, is no ordinary store clerk. He has worked several “high risk” jobs and served four tours of duty in Iraq during his 30 years in the U.S. military.
    And his training shows.

    Video surveillance from Saturday night captures the moment a would-be thief entered the Marionville, Mo., store where Alexander works. The thief hesitates for a moment and pulls a gun — but not fast enough to dissuade Alexander from pulling his own Walther PPX 9 mm handgun and sticking it in the hapless thief’s mouth.

    No one was hurt and no shots were fired.

    [I hope they took a DNA swab from the Alexander's firearm. And it's too bad Alexander didn't order the robber to drop his gun; it was probably stolen and/or used in other crimes.]
  2. I think I missed the bit 'sticking it in the hapless thief’s mouth'. I did see him point it at his face.
  3. ^ Personally, I hope it actually happened and wasn't "journalistic fiction."
  4. The whole thing is utter bollocks.

    Apart from the bad acting...

    That's not security video footage - it's one of his mates standing on a chair with a mobile phone. CCTV cameras don't wobble about.
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  5. Did you not see the bit about 'high risk jobs'?
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  6. They do in earthquakes
  7. It was posted on a major US copper site. As I recall the reader comments were:

    Real: 28

    Not real: 3

    But that was an excellent observation about the wobblies. If this was a work of fiction they might at least have used a clamp-pod.
  8. "Jon Lewis Alexander, 54, is no ordinary store clerk. He has worked several “high risk” jobs and served four tours of duty in Iraq during his 30 years in the U.S. military".

    And after doing all of the above he now works as a check out girl.

    I wish the thief had shot him in the face.
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  9. I like it when he pushes the chaps gun away it's more like little bitch slap and the bad guy/mate just seems to be happy with that .?
  10. Of course the other possibility is that one of Alexander's mates just happened to be filming the shop from on top of the counter when a gunman walks in, ignores him completely, half heartedly pokes a gun at Alexander, allows the bloke to feebly push his weapon away then walks off without having to relinquish the weapon he'd been waving at an ex-warrior.

    I've seen CSI so I'm sure the American cops will have come to the same conclusion.
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  11. The video you are watching is someone filming the replay on the CCTV monitor. Thus, the wobbles.
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  12. One suspects that the footage is CCTV footage and that someone filmed the playback on the monitor using a video camera. This is evident in the first few frames of the footage as seen below.

  13. I knew that...