Armed Robbers 0 Kent Police 1

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by midnight, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. There is no mention as to who shot him?. Was it CO19 or Kent's own Armed Response.
  2. An armed robber shot dead by Police:

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  3. Traffic wardens for parking the getaway car on double yellows.
  4. One out of four isn't too bad.

    Sorry, that's all the sympathy I could muster.
  5. Lawyer - "Can you describe what challenge you issued"
    Gun Plod - "I shouted 'Armed Police - drop your weapon now, or I will fire' three times, the deceased continued to act in an aggresive manner and I had no alternative but to fire three rounds into the centre of his visible mass"
    Lawyer - "Mrs Smith what did you hear"
    Mrs Smith - "The only thing I heard was three bangs and "Goodnight you beauty" that was it'"
  6. Local news reports he was shot by the Flying Squad. If memory serves me correctly most, if not all, are firearms trained.
  7. Long time since I had opportunity to work with the Squad. I doubt that they would have had a lot of support if anyone suggested that a Home & Colonial force provided the armed back up.
    Anyway, that ex-Squad gut who always gets dragged in on death by police cases will be on TV tonight.
  8. It wasn't kent ARVs. Or the Sweeney.
  9. I don´t really care who slotted the scrote,it´s one mouth less to feed and a good reminder to the rest of them that crime doesn´t always pay........................unless they only get wounded of course,then it´s like winning the pools! :evil:
  10. reminds me of the Gibraltar Shooting enquiry

    Judge - 'Soldier A, why did you shoot the subject 26 times?'

    Soldier A - ' cos I ran out of ammunition M'Lud!'
  11. I read the European Court of Human Rights case on the Gib shootings, you wanna read the pathology reports!!!!
  12. I should imagine it was Kent Police as it is their patch and their Chief Constable would be ultimately responsible for any operations in his County.
  13. From the ITV news now showing, it sounds like it was part of the “Stockwell Waxing Team.”
  14. Agreed. If they told him in time "We've just come onto your patch in accordance with hot pursuit rules. Situation is..... and we are going in now. Have a nice day" I was about when the NSY corruption investigation was on and the regional forces used were christened The Sweedy to differentiate them from the Sweeny. I should imagine - and hope - the Sweedy bit sticks.