Armed robberies in oxford....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Lancialfa, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Just out taking lunch in Oxford... walked past a goldsmiths jewellers and 3 men in combat boots, black gloves, masks and black overalls were holding the place up with a handgun whilst the other 2 were filling their bags with Rolex's etc etc.....

    I was so shocked, people just stood and watched as this happened and did nothing, the police in fact turned up 20 minutes after the incident......... a bit to late!

    All three went separate ways...... interesting... things in Oxford are getting bad, armed robbery is on the rise in a big way buses are even being held up here!!!!! :(
  2. I'm not surprised people stood there and did nothing, there's a very good chance they'd get shot!
  3. Things have really turned to rats in Oxford since Morse died.
  4. classic :D
  5. Quote
    buses are even being held up here!!!!!

    No need for that they are perfectly capable of running late of their own accord.
  6. 20 minutes. Phew that was lucky. One more minute and they would have been over their target for an immediate response.
  7. The guys were in the store for around 2/3 minutes........
  8. Quote

    20 minutes. Phew that was lucky. One more minute and they would have been over their target for an immediate response.

    Best way or the target time could be reduced.
  9. I imagine that the local OB, like most farces, have a target for attending emergency calls within 20 minutes. Though in practice by the time the call centre take the call, then pass it to the operators, who task a unit you're looking at about those three minutes gone already.
  10. Strage a place gets held up 20 mins for police to turn up, i pissed in the street and had a van load of old bill turn up in 30 secs. Thames Valley Police dont you just love them.
  11. plus the fact that a hand gun was used may have caused them to call for a firearms unit as opposed to old bill

    sounds like the RTR, black covies, boots, pistols lol
  12. It was just the Rolex section they took too!
  13. Clearly no taste.

    Therefore almost certainly RTR. :D
  14. I live i oxford and can agree this place is turning into an utter sh!t tip thanks to the likes of rose hill and black bird leys where we can almost certainly sday those robers came from without a moments hesitation.
  15. You think that someone would rob so close to home though?