Armed Response - Direct Recruitment?(E-Petition)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Werewolf, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. A YouGov Poll this week showed that the majority of people want more Armed Police to deal with gun and knife crime, organised crime etc.

    The Police Federation say the majority of their members want more Armed Response Units, though the same people don't want to carry firearms themselves.

    Last year, Sir Ian Blair put forward the idea of allowing Direct Recruitment to Armed Response Units; these Units would run an extended Selection course for suitible recruits(for example ex-Military)and would re-train them in the Police way of using firearms. Recruits who passed the Selection and Training would go straight into Armed Duties.

    For once, I think Blair II has the right idea.

    Pain in chest...left arm going numb... 8O

    I am sure there are a lot of ex- Infantry, Paras, Marines etc who, with the correct (re)training, would make excellent Armed Response Officers. However, a lot of these same people would not be interested in "normal" police work, and would be put off joining the police by the two year probationary period.

    We definately need more Armed Officers; coppers are facing rising levels of gun and knife crime, drug/organised crime and, of course, terrorism.

    I have set up an E-Petition:

    Anyone who is interested, please sign it.
  2. Why would they?
  3. Fighting crime is easier than fighting the Taliban?
  4. One of the reasons Authorised Firearms Officers and Armed Response Vehicles are so effective is there extensive legal knowledge. An AFO often assists with general policing duties as well as patrolling in his ARV. It takes probationers two years to learn the appropriate legislation to police the streets, and then on average three months (force dependant) to gain an in-depth knowledge of Firearms legislation. It is this knowledge of the law which is their only defence if they are called upon to use their weapons in the line of duty.

    Policing and the Military are two entirely different entities and any training given by the Military would be of no direct use to a police officer. So I fail to see how this would work out.

    What I would ask you is:

    How long would you have this re-training for ex-Forces to join as AFO’s?

    If they are put of by general policing duties, would you also have them drive by a domestic etc. because that’s not why they joined?
  5. Why is it then that most Police Officers are incompetant knobs and most AFOs police officers who want to avoid the Beat?
  6. Firstly, why do you assume that ex-forces personnel would make ideal AFO's? It is most certainly not a given that the skills are directly transferable. I am sure that most of us know any amount of service personnel that should never be unleashed on the public. How would these people be weeded out if there wasn't a 2 yr probationery period?

    After all, even US SWAT teams go through a period on the beat. It is essential that you get a thorough grounding before specialising surely?

    Well meant but, dare I say it, a bit naive mate.

  7. Most police officers are not incompetent, unless you are willing to believe the media! They are lazy, arrogant, work-shy, slackers but they do have an extensive knowledge of the law (unfortunately they choose to apply it in the wrong ways IMO)

    As for most AFO’s trying to avoid work. Is not that a problem with ALL police officers? :)
  8. Doubtless based on your extensive knowledge of the law and policing.
  9. Sorry mate, but yes.
  10. Not at all, hence the IMO at the end of the sentence.

    So, THIS is how the law should be applied?
  11. Why should a police officer, a latter day social worker crippled with political correct management make a suitable bearer of firearms?
  12. More the point that the offciers don't want to carry them because the PC nuts and useless pathetic hierarchy of the police that the labour government has put together (they interfered and now only left wing yes men get promotions) will jump on those officers use those firearms.

    Sick of it? Yes, Yes I am.
  13. Yes mate, I am not of the school that police officers are anything other than they are.
  14. The difference being that I have direct contact and evidence and you do not have a clue who or what I am, A little snippet, 4 serving Police Officers in my immediate family.
  15. Dd you sleep through the troubles in Northern Ireland or did I just imagine we were sending sprogs straight out of basic there to walk the streets with SLRs and a mag of 20 attached?