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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cutaway, Nov 2, 2004.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    From BBC Radio News 11:00 - 02 Nov 04

    Following the suspension of two Armed Reaction Police Officers for killing a man carrying a table leg, about twenty other officers have been refusing to carry firearms.

    Now this is "taking firearms off the streets" to make us safer.
    And I really reckon the average 'civilian' let alone forces trained shooter would have made a better decision on the day 8O
  3. Why don't the Armed Forces hand in their guns over the prosecutions of Army personnel in Iraq? :twisted:
  4. probably because that would be a really dumb move in iraq at the moment .
  5. I am 100% behind the action of these police men.

    they feel appauled by the treatement of some of their colleagues and have chosen to demonstrate this fact. Any one remotely involved in a union (ughhhh!!!) would do the same.

    These police men volunteer to serve as armed officers and undergo extensive training and get no thanks or praise for this extra responsibility/danger. As such, when they are faced with a life threatening situation, they have to make a split second decision which may save (or ultimately end) another humans life. As such they have my ultimate respect.

    In this case, it seems that the suspect made a suspicious movement (ie turned round with the suspect package aiming in the direction of said armed officers) and was shot twice. They may have made a tragic mistake, but it is the governement who have chosen to use these mens judgement and experience in order to oppose armed criminal and as such they should back them up. Instead, as soon as an armed officer fires one shot on duty, they are automaticlly suspended and taken off armed duty pending an investigation to proove that they performed within the rules of the law. This must be extremely demoralising as they are being punished for carrying out thier job.

    good luck guys, i hope you are proved not guilty

    agent smith
  6. [quote="scalieback]
    And I really reckon the average 'civilian' let alone forces trained shooter would have made a better decision on the day 8O[/quote]

    Oh really?

    And what information have you used to reach this conclusion?

    Is this another 20/20 hindsight ruling. Always easy after the event to say it shouldn't have been done like that. Whilst I have every sympathy for the family I doubt very much if he just walked out the pub and was dropped.

    Was he warned? Highly unusual if he wasn't.

    I don't have enough information to make a judgement on what happened.
  7. apparently the officers had been breifed that he was carying a shot gun. (not a table leg) so logical that they thought it was a weapon.
  8. Yes but it was in a carrier bag he was carrying, these two tossers were not in danger and decided to "take Mr Stanley out", they deserve to be charged with manslaughter.
    I'm all for armed police but lets make sure we train these ********** properly.
  9. So, - you're mobilised to 'man with shotgun' situation and you order him to PUT THE BAG DOWN.

    He doesn't and turns towards you raising the bag.

    Your next action is? ........
  10. what is he is just raising the bag to show you it is a chair leg?
  11. shoot him center body mass if he lives he is lucky if he dies unlucky, should have done what he was ordered by the man with the gun
  12. Oh come on ....

    You're told that a man has a shotgun (they were apparently told this via the 999 phone call) They weren't told it was a suspicious object but a shotgun.

    You've just come screaming up in flashy light car, leapt out pointing weapons at him and yelling to put the bag down.

    He doesn't.

    You now have 1.5 seconds (or less) to make a decision on your next move.

    Forget the fact that it was actually a table leg, you've been told (and have no reason to disbelieve) it's a shotgun.

    What are you going to do?
  13. gonna get pedantic hear- what is the effective range of a sawnoff?

    how close were the coppers?

    you see where I'm going with this.
  14. chill out and get as much info as possible on the situation as they are trained to do, not shoot first and find a chair leg later.
  15. The world has gone mad, if he'd been carrying the leg without a bag I bet they would have done him for carring an offensive weapon :roll:

    The fact remains that an INOCENT UNARMED man was killed, having done hand gun training and spent bloody ages going through Cinema, SAT and loads of other ranges with all sorts of scenarios and legal implications about shooting before confirming threat etc I still fail to see how you could open fire. Yes there is a risk that the suspect may open fire but that is the risk undertaken in the job. On the (thankfully) few occaisions I have had to "challenge" I have always accepted that I may get shot/killed but it IS MY job and I chose to ensure MY action to fire would be justified, maybe I've been lucky, but I've never shot an unarmed man.

    I know, I was not there, but I have a real issue with inocent people getting shot, its our job to protect the Public not kill them. The way things are going how long before the public are more scared of the watchers?