Armed police team/CO19

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Furnace, Oct 23, 2011.

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  1. was wondering if anyone had information on armed police teams/CO19

    basically I was curious about their training, duties etc. Do they deal with just firearm incidents or do they get called upon to deal with other incidents?
    and do they train in hostage rescues? I saw a tv show a couple of years back where it showed CO19 (I think) during a hostage rescue. I may be mistaken though.
    any information would be good lads. thanks
  2. Have you tried a police forum? Just a thought.....
  3. I think they're armed.
  4. Try they may know a bit more about it than an Army forum which, although it has a Navy and an RAF board, has not yet plumbed the depths of civ plod.
  5. Are they CO19 now? I knew them as SO19. Anyway, I'm getting confused. I do know that they have to bite the head off of a live kitten as part of their initiation. Beyond that I know nothing about them.

    Specialist Firearms Command - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A quick look on the Wiki has just informed me they went from SO19 to CO19 as part of a larger Metropolitan cost cutting measure as 'C' is a more commonly found letter than 'S'.
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  6. The Old Bill get confused with the Central/Special thing too. The Diplomatic blokes (recently re-located kicking and screaming to Fulham) are now CO16 but have SO on calling cards. BTW they are the plod who cut about in the red cars.

    It was CO16 and CO19 who had a shooting competition at Mark Saunders' house in Markham Square.
  7. it all depends if they see somone in danger or acting like a tool and have nothing to do they'll often detain them and hand ovr to other officers to do the nicking so limited paperwork

    yes they do train for rapid intervention and hostage rescues and do non terrorist ones on a regular basis (robberys gone wrong, kidnappings, nutters)
  8. Try reading a book called The Good Guys Wear Black. It's a dreadfully written piece of sub-Chris McNab, but may be what you're after.
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  9. You nned to find some bloke on here called "TROPPER" he trains these lads while on leave from "them" in the boatshed.
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  10. bit unfair both of steves books are based on his 5k+ firearms operations dealing with everything from terrorist bombers to escaped Broadmoor types

    Good guys wear black & Glory boys by Steve Collins
    Trojan Files by Roger Gray (Grey) not sure on spelling
    Gun Law by some manc bloke whos name escapes me

    all worth a read and give a decent insight into the subject
  11. Tropper invented firearms and boatsheds. He also invented Wild Bean cafe's where you'll find SO19 types hanging around wearing their ridiculous blue trousers.
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  12. Chippy Scot mode activated. Ahem,

    Actually, there are 52 police forces in the United Kingdom (43 England and Wales, 8 Scotland and the PSNI, more if you include others like CNC, MOD and BTP)

    CS De-activated. Carry on...
  13. Going to be a lot less soon though :)
  14. surely 9 if you count SCDEA