Armed police swoop on cowboy party

Dinger, I'm not going against you, but the military have a ( not so clearly these days, it must be admitted) defined enemy, the police do not. That definitely makes the whole thing a damn sight more difficult, especially, when I glance at my local paper on the web from far-flung Czech lands, I read of more and more hostage-type, shootout type situations. Chickens and eggs, I dunno. All I do know is that I feel safer in Johnnie foreigner's land than my own, which makes me very sad indeed.


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The_Seagull said:
scrofula said:
Okay, we're not ever going to know the truth on that one..... but nevertheless, considering that we now live in a more gun-controlled society, thanks to Dunblane, and rightly, the police have become more heavily armed and more trigger-happy than ever before. Surely some irony there.
I'm with you with the more heavily armed, but trigger happy? I'm not too sure, not that I'm armed plod myself, could it be that criminals are more likely to use firearms than ever before?
how can the criminals be more trigger happy than before?? surely Neu Arbeit solved gun crime by banning handguns and brocock air pistols.
whats that Sooty?? they didnt? gun crime still occurs?? how can that be then??

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