Armed police swoop on cowboy party

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dingerr, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Nice t*ts on Val there ... would you ?
  2. What next?
    Little lads arrested for playing cowboys and indians?
    Impersonating police officers when playing cops and robbers?
    Little lasses arrested for inciting racial hatred for singing baa baa black sheep to their dollies?

    Worlds gone bloody mad when you can't have a fancy dress party without half the police force turning up along with the FSU :x
  3. I'll take the Trannie to her right!! :p
  4. That's the best thing I've read all day!
  5. It's a difficult one to call, either you don't take it seriously, and said bloke is the new Michael Ryan and you get in the sh!te, or you do and you send whatever resources you need to deal with it, and look a tw4t?

    It would be different if it was like the situation I found myself in when it became obvious want was going on.

    Call comes in "Bloke in paramilitary costume wielding a gun in valleytown". ARV and dog handler sent.

    Me and my lot are nearby and decide to poke our nose in. Update from control room is that there's also a bloke dressed as a pirate wielding a sword. "Ah ha" say the boys on the van as we cheerfully drive past the traffic bod hiding around the corner near the RV point and locate said pirate who had a plastic sword and knew the said paramilitary as they'd been at the same fancy dress party. Along with the snow White (not a pretty sight in a valley town), and classy police impersonator stood nearby.

    Case solved, balloon goes down, no-one shot or scared to death, and The Gull and his mates suitably told off for being a bit reckless (and showing some common sense).

    Though I dare say that this news "story" has been a bit sensationalised, sells more papers.

    edited to add

    fook me, not even trinny and suzanna could help those lot in the photo!
  6. You must have kept your common sense well hidden when first joining the Police service. :)
  7. Good drills The Gull. If only a few more had the same common sense. Joking aside, how the feck much did that cost? A damn sight more than the party, that's for sure. Another thing entirely - what is it with C&W? I've been around a bit and have noticed that it seems to have a magnetic attraction to inbred rurals. No, no, you're not a cowboy on the vast ranging plains where buffalo roam, you grow rape in mid-Wales and frequently rape your sister too!
  8. My bold.

    I bet they actually said: "Aharr aharr aharr aharr aharr aharr me laddie"!

    Talk like a pirate day
  9. Its a case of damned if they do, damned if they don`t. The Police were right to respond to the report. The person at fault here is the bloke wandering down the street with a rifle on show. Toy or not, dressed as a cowboy or not, he was an adult and should have had it covered up, most of the british public can`t tell the difference between a Winchester and a water pistol.
  10. Yep. Remember that poor Irish bugger with a table leg in a plastic bag. Even wrapped is not enough. Something has gone very wrong somewhere.
  11. You mean the same poor irish bugger who told everyone it was a sawn off wrapped up and then, when challenged by the police pointed it at them?

    Darwin at work there methinks mate. :D
  12. Okay, we're not ever going to know the truth on that one..... but nevertheless, considering that we now live in a more gun-controlled society, thanks to Dunblane, and rightly, the police have become more heavily armed and more trigger-happy than ever before. Surely some irony there.
  13. I'm with you with the more heavily armed, but trigger happy? I'm not too sure, not that I'm armed plod myself, could it be that criminals are more likely to use firearms than ever before?
  14. Well, I haven't seen statistics ( for what they're worth anyway) but I have a feeling that, how can we say? firearms- related compensation claims are on a big increase as against say 30 years ago. Nevertheless, you are damned right in saying criminals are more tooled than ever before, and let's get this right, people who are tooled up and will only become criminals if they get caught are a massively increased section of the population.