Armed police - supervision and support

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. See that death of a woman pc from Dip Protection has been declared as suicide. Swallowed a pistol at work. Sad for her and those who knew her. Respect.
    However, turns out she had been depressed for some 3 years after suicide of father. Another problem recently. Given she was - possibly - employed on protection duties during her depression and certainly was able to obtain weapon on day of her death, where is duty of care by Met in allowing her to continue as armed officer or to access armoury? Someone missed out on signs of illness and she might well have been alive today with a bit of tender care, Sure, she could have walked into a bus and not needed a weapon but her depression could and should have been noted and tackled.
  2. Oh come on Old boy, don't go all pinko on us. The woman may have been depressed and wanted to commit suicide. She had ample opportunity unless I've missed the new law forbiding shops to sell asprin, or people to own knives, or bridges to be over 3 foot high, etc, etc.

    I agree to a certain extent that putting someone with clinical depression in an armoury is not the safest place for her to be but then if you are clinically depressed, everywhere is a potential stage left. What should the Met have done? Can't put her in many places or shall we sign her off sick so she can continue to clain her pay for the next 10 years whilst doing nowt?

    Heartless maybe but reality is harsh.
  3. My concern is not totally with her. It is possible that she had some incident whilst on duty that occasioned her to use issued weapon. With her problems, could she have made best decision in the circumstances. Fully accept that one does not need pistol - in my post I mentioned walking into a bus etc. You say armoury is not best place for depressed - is the public space any better then?
  4. Carrying a loaded MP5 and a Glock around a stress-filled Great Wen is arguably not the best place for a lady officer - at least five days a month anyway...
  5. 3 years is a long time to be p*ssed off. Come to think of it, so is 19. Where's me gat?
  6. Sympathy for the victim and her family.

    Obviously not possible to know the exact circumstances, but on the face of it an interesting example of Police double standards: if this had happened in a civilian shooting club, the Police would be all over the cttee and its members, weapons would be seized, and prosecutions would be flying about. The Police are eager to remove the FAC, guns and ammunition of any civilian shooter on the merest excuse, be it depression, old age, family squabble, less than regular documented attendence at his/her club, etc, - but, having disarmed one of their own, they are then apparently content to let them have continued unsupervised access to weapons & ammunition....
  7. Following current events if this happens at a barrack the police and PC brigade would be up in arms (no pun intended) and the MOD dragged through the press for failing in its duty :roll: Double standards :evil: