Armed police rant

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stoatman, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. Right. The BBC news has been repeatingly using a clip of an armed rozzer in London with his folding-stock MP5 carbine across his chest.

    This in itself is not a problem.

    His right hand is on the pistol grip, and his finger is clearly outside of the trigger guard.

    This is good drills.

    Then appears a close-up of his right hand on the pistol grip, and it is clearly visible that HIS FECKING SAFETY CATCH IS OFF!:evil:

    Now, as I always remember, whatever state your wpn is in (i.e. whether empty, loaded or made ready), the safety catch should be on (unless of course your wpn prohibits this when hammer down, which as far as I am aware is not the case for H&K rifles/carbines and is only a thing I have seen with pistols & bolt-action rifles).

    This appears to be excedingly bad drills - and as someone else pointed out on another thread, there's also been a bit of footage of one copper with his finger on the fecking trigger, although I have not personally seen this.

  2. Poor drills indeed. Perhaps it is too much to hope that the weapon wasnt cocked.
  3. I hope these guys are better than the coppers who used to use our 25m range for practise in the Midlands a few years ago. They were 5hit. NDs galore, fat incompetent coppers getting 30 yard groupings at 15 metres. They even left a pistol behind once.

    Wierd thing is, though, they always beat the JNCOs, Seniors and Officers at darts.
  4. Ha ha ha! Remember the Delta operator in Black Hawk Down wiggling his finger at the Ranger Colonel?

    "That's mah safety catch, sir."

    I did my AFO's course at Lippett's Hill quite a few years ago. The instructor handed out mags and said "put them in your magazine pouch and don't muck about with them."

    One female Pc goes and does guess what? Slaps the mag into her Glock. She was RTU'd immediately. SO19 took safety very seriously, most of the cadre there are ex-military anyway.

    I'm not MP5 trained so I can't comment, and as you all probably know the Glock's "safety catch" is an integral feature of the double-action trigger mechanism. But when we carried the idea was that we would always be good to go, reflected the drills we did at re-classifications and the "Tactical Refreshers."

    I remember one army bloke writing into the Torygraph once moaning about how coppers at Heathrow would wander about with their carbines pointing in the air and how this wasn't good drills. Now I do know (because I worked at Heathrow for a little while) that the security section there are ordered not to point them muzzle down for fear of ricochet in the case of a ND.

    The army can be a bit sniffy about police firearms teams, to be expected I suppose. I don't know if there are any ninjas on ARRSE who might care to comment, I might ask one to come on here if you like.

  5. That would be interesting. The other day at a major London railway terminus, I watched, incredulous, as a fat knacker with an MP5 stood there, idly flicking the safety catch on an off, with his right trigger finger inside the guard and the muzzle at flat, 90-degree angle to the ground and sweeping across several hundred sweaty commuters.
  6. ^ You have to remember that there are several different units carrying firearms, from the Diplomatic Protection Group through to Royalty Protection through to Armed Response Teams as well as numerous plain clothes squads. Of course, that isn't an excuse for sloppy drills, but the quality will vary. The most switched on are, unsurprisingly, ARV crews and SFOs.

    I'm a copper and if I saw what you saw I'd go and have a word about shite drills like that. If he didn't like it I'd talk to his guv'nor. Totally unacceptable.

  7. Coppers with gats!! I remember the RUC getting nice new shiny HKs to replace there worn out rugers and M1's. One copper at Springfield rd put 5 rd burst through his Hotspur, and a fat special part time reserve reserve reserve (Sundays only) decided to have a laugh, and put a .357 rd from his ruger revolver into the armored glass at Newcastle RUC station. One copper exiting XMG had an ND with his SLR (Why the feck did anyone give them SLR's) The nd hit one of the sangers, the sanger sentry retuned fire, 4 Rds into some old blokes house!
  8. Um, under more normal circumstances, perhaps. Given the current high pitch of hysteria shown by some Met cops and the steely-eyed dealer of death image many of the "good at guns" chaps on public display seem to be espousing, I wasn't enthusiastic about either being arrested for something or other and having a huge amount of my time wasted (cf Samego-Turner and the infamous penknife-on-the-Embankment nicking) or being taken for a Brazilian electrician. I elected to GTF away from there on the basis that I managed 22 years without being shot and this is no time to start at his late stage and advanced age.

    I'm pretty sure this particular tart was Met, rather than BTP - I certainly hope so, the very idea of them carrying arms of any description makes me break out into a cold sweat.
  9. Maybe not even a met officer. MDP and the counties forces are making appearences at major terminai as they are providing security on train journeys.

    The guy on the front page of the evening standard with his finger on the trigger (allegedly) was not a met officer (we think Devon and Cornwall)

  10. What worries me is there wasn’t even an unloading bay at Scotland Yard (Don’t know about now)

    But the fact the ‘Ole bill have a specially designed holster to hold the working parts to the rear, after one bloke mucking about with the trigger shot himself in the foot.

  11. I'm 99.9% certain that BTP don't have any armed capability.

  12. Relief felt in these quarters. BTP = Be There Presently
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    MDP = I am told that they are the only Constabulary in the Country where all Officers are firearms trained.

    Be afraid, be very, very, very afraid :)
  14. I think you're right, all MDP are firearms trained, and no BTP are firearms trained.

    There will be someone on Arrse who can confirm but a Met mate of mine was telling me that their officers aren't allowed to look too para-military. Whilst I think this might be a good thing I was at Kings Cross station the other day and the Met are there in force, alongside the BTP, and I have to say a lot of BTP officers look very para-military. Some of their kit wouldn't look out of place on FIBUA (in more subdued colours!)
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Frankly, the sight of coppers wandering around a crowded Waterloo Station with MP5s does not fill me with confidence. Apart from 'reassuring' the punters, what are they supposed to be for?

    I don't know about a possible suicide bomber, but they scare me alrigt.