Armed police kill driver on approach road to Humber bridge

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. Armed police kill driver on approach road to Humber bridge, a van travelling on the wrong side of the road was intercepted by armed police they fired 2 baton rounds then a "live" round and the driver was killed. This happened about 0730hrs and is being reported on local news.

    edit to add bbc news: BBC News
  2. He had a lucky escape, I've been to Hull, and frankly, I would rather be shot and killed than have to return.
  3. So, - all you whingers who moan about speed cameras. Take your 3 points, pay your £60 and shut the feck up or you'll get sent to Humberside!!!
  4. Has Ant reported in yet today???????????? :wink:
  5. Good for the police. I hope these marksmen get the full support of their hierarchy and a good slap on the back. Pity they couldn't direct some "stray" rounds into Bransholme or the Hessle/Anlaby Road area (chav central).
  6. Surprised they haven't gone to town on some of the ghurkas doing driver training in the area 8O
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    It all seems a bit unfortunate. Sword wielding charity worker with hands on experience gets slotted by CivPol strictly (I presume) following his ROE.

    Even in the US they'd not have shot the guy, they would have used a Taser and dropped the sod in a moment...
  8. So Mr H, - in the absence of tazer what are they supposed to do?

    Shout 'stop or we'll shout stop again'?!!!
  9. They could do with a more powerful baton rd for a start, he was hit twice and still got up !!!!
  10. Maybe some pigmeys with blow darts
  11. Spot on work by the police. Does it matter that he was a charity worker? NO! He was weilding a dangerous weapon. If he didn't get the message when he got hit by the batton rounds then I would make the asumption that he wants to do someone some damage hence the police did the right thing. The taser post is of no relevance as they can only use the equipment they have to hand. IF they had a rifle with self guiding to the shoulder ammo I'm sure they would have much rather used that but they don't. Could they have tried to take him down without the use of weapons? Who knows? I would not ask them to risk their lives in such a stupid mannor. They appear to have raised the level of force from the good old
    through "non lethal" weapons and reached their last resort the use of firearms. Much rather it was him that died than one of the police who are doing there job.
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    If I remember correctly, putting the yellow sachets from two rounds into one round should help. Somewhat insignificantly this is the first time I've heard of baton rounds being used on the mainland is this common now?

    My point is not against CivPol on the ground, the point is against the CivPol management/Government procurement etc. Tazers should be issued. If there had been a non-lethal option that worked this poor (I presume sick) guy might be alive today.

    If it wasn't clear, I'm sorry but I'm on the phone talking a mate through the death of his ex-girlfriend.

    Mr H
  13. So Mr H at which point should the police use lethal force?

    When he drives down the road the wrong way endangering other traffic?

    When he get out his vehicle with a Sword?

    When he gets shouted at to drop the sword and fails to do so?

    When the baton rds fail to stop him and he still has the Sword?

    When he gets within CS range and won't drop the Sword?

    or would you prefer he takes out one of your mates then goes for you?

    Unfortunate yes, sad no, IMO we will probably find out he had "problems". The civil liberties lot (under the "name" of the family) will sue the police as will anyone within a mile of the incident.Until the police are issued with Tasers this is minimum force.
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Akira, I point out to you my post above which I guess you've either mis-read or not read before you posted.

    As for dropping a civi with a sword, I'll not be drawn on what happened as I wasn't there. My post was that CivPol was inadequately equipped, so I guess we agree.