Armed police at US Embassy were drunk

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Armed police at US Embassy were drunk
    Times Online Link

  2. Must...resist...jokes...too...many...straight...lines...
  3. Big deal.I once got drunk on a nuclear sub and purposefully pressed the big red button that says "do not touch!!" Remember the tsunami? That was me.
  4. Nice to know the paddies are still living up to their reputations.Its been said when drunk they can start a fight in an empty room.
  5. Drunk paddies got into a fight...

    Who'd have thought it?
  6. Nice one Paddy.
  7. The Times story is not 100% accurate:

    The two Gardai were plainclothes Officers, I tought it odd to coppers in uniform boozing!.

    They actually left an unarmed uniformed Officer manning the post!.

    The fight took place at the Embassy and not in the Pub as the article would lead you to beleive.

    Abandoning the standard issue handgun is also an offence which is not mitigated by the act of handing it over to a uniformed officer as only plain clothes members of the force are allowed to carry a weapon.
  8. Do you have a source for this?
  9. Irish Examiner

    A slight error on my part, an arguement did start at the pub but the main scuffle was outside the Embassy.
  10. Paddies + booze + firearms = BAD IDEA!