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Armed patrols

Well, as the title says, where can i find the rules on armed patrolling ?.
ie, when, what numbers of guard, how long etc.

I have had a look through landso 1108 and JSP440 (my eyes now hurt), but cannot find what i need. Probably went over it a dozen times and not even noticed it.

So, if anyone can point me in the right direction i would be eternally grateful :D
There is a formula which our QM used to calculate the guard composition.

Minimum of 8 anyway
1 pers per 500 sq M when armed with pick helve. Armed with weapon = 1 pers per 1000m sq
Night vision and weapon = 1 pers per 2000m sq

Other factors are to be considered
Threat level
Proximity to civ buidings/public highway

I would speak to your QM as he would be the man in the know
goon_bde said:
local MI det should advise. there are strict guidance for ARTD unnits and guards
Would getting sent off on a bimble around camp on your own with a loaded weapon be against those regs by any chance? :?
It is in JSP 440, do a search for live armed guard or LAG. Theres also the Live Armed Guard review doc which references it.

Do a search on DefenceNet.

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