Armed man in British Embassy.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. An armed man is in the compound of the British Embassy in Tel Aviv and is threatening to kill himself.

    Israeli police have just arrived at the scene at the request of embassy staff.

    the man was reportedly armed with a pistol, and was in the embassy's car park.

    " Sovereign territory, shot the B****rd!!!! "
  2. Don't quite see the problem.

    Contain him, allow him to kill himself and pop the remains out of the front gate for the dustbin men to take away. End of problem
  3. Where were the Booties?
  4. From what I read in Haaretz, he may be an Israeli arab seeking asylum.

    They should tie him to a tree over the road from the embassy in Independence Park to await his punishment.
  5. Tut Tut, how did he get into the compound with a weapon. Imagine if he had been a suicide bomber!.
  6. how did he get into without a pass????
  7. Why is it that the booties stag on at the embassies? RAF Regt better suited, they do f uck all.

    Probably the Palestinians was aware about his cooperation with Israeli authorities. So he would be killed by Palestinian militants if he returns.

    This outcome is the worst possible for the Israelis because it would be harder to find informers.

    Suicide? Unlikely.

    Asylum? Unlikely too. It could incourage many to follow this way.

    The man I fancy will stay in Israel and we will forget about him soon.
  9. Are there Booties there?
  10. No drama, he's in the Brit embassy therefore entitled to a job, house, flight ticket and loads of free cash.
  11. He's a former informer for the Israeli police / army, who's complaining that he has not been offered protection for his own countrymen.

    Of course, such a thing would never happen here.
  12. He's still in the Embassy as at 1910GMT.

    Apparantly he is demanding to be returned to Britain.

    Not sure WTF is going on, but how is an Israeli Iinformer 'demanding' to be returned to Britain? Send in the boys and get this CNUT killed. ASAP.
  13. They (the Isrealis) just caught him
  14. Double tap......