Armed Italian police attack unarmed Brits!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fusilier50, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Television pictures showed Italian police flailing at United supporters with batons, leaving several of the English club's fans bleeding profusely from head wounds.
    One policeman was shown raining blows on a supporter who lay motionless on the ground.
    "The police just went in indiscriminately hitting anyone and everybody...Reuters TV.

    This was an appalling example of heavyhanded and totally unnecessary violent reaction by Italian authorities towards British football supporters. however despite a wealth of images and footage available of the abuses i note there has been no world wide condemnation of the polices actions and no intention expressed by the Italian authorities to deal with the officers who lost control.

    i note with a certain degree of cynicism that in another public order situation in Iraq in 2004 involving British soldiers that the reverse was true. a limited number of images were broadcast around the world and those involved were pilloried and found guilty almost immediately by the worlds media. Our politicians couldnt wait to find scapegoats soon after in order to appease the world of journalism. i note no such reaction by the Italian government.

    The polices actions have been excused due to the death of ONE officer during a local match. It has been seen as understandable that their responses have been more robust as a result.

    If our soldiers in Iraq had dealt this level of violence all hell would have broke loose despite the provocations they face every day and the level of casualties we have suffered. Despite this they show admirable restraint in often very trying circumstances something extremely lacking by the Italian police.

    i also note no criticism has been offered by the Bliar regime for an attack on British citizens attending a football match.

    as i was watching the images on the news and scanned the papers this morning i couldnt help but draw a comparison between the two events.

    Maybe i am wrong to do so. Maybe the media will wake up and criticise the Italian police and demand action against the officers concerned. Maybe our own government will demand answers but who am i kidding. the Italian government supports its police and armed forces while ours .....well...
  2. Italian fans and cops are all a bunch of w@nkers...and i've first hand experience of the scum.

    There's a photo in today's local paper of the riot police deliberately holding their batons the wrong way round so as to inflict maximum damage.

    And on who? Any old person who was close enough got their heads stoved in...elderly women, poor bloke in a wheelchair fell off numerous times, absolutely fecking disgraceful.

    UEFA should give Roma the boot from Europe but as we all know there's double standards when it comes to the behaviour of Continentals.

    Heard there's been trouble with Spurs tonight as well in Spain.

    There'll be a lot of hand-wringing but it'll end in the usual paltry fines being dished out by UEFA.

    GMP better be on top of their form next week for the return leg at OT, thats all im saying...Italian c*nts. :evil:
  3. I was dusgusted watching that, they were just smacking anyone. I hope all brits are fine though.
  4. hmm maybe you should first listen to what the Italian have to say about that's not always black or white...

    and sorry not all Italian fans are like not all English fans are all hooligans...

    "UEFA should give Roma the boot from Europe but as we all know there's double standards when it comes to the behaviour of Continentals."

    as for that. Roma was punished several times and not always in a just way...
  5. english fans are considered fair game for a spot of baton practice all over europe and have been for about 25 years even though the hooligan element is pretty much gone from our country the way the italians and especially the turks behave (only at home games being cowards) would have gotten the english another ban from european competitions
  6. Hmm yes sure and 3 arrested yesterday that have already admitted that were drunk (10 bottles of beer each, their words) and looking for fights were not Man U fans right?

    And the ones that were spitting at Roma fans and throwing all sorts of things at them were also not Man U fans…….yeah sure

    The Italian authorities are working along with your to clear the incident …

    ...sadly the f** police in Italy is known for their "passion" for football fans...

    Please don’t make an international crisis out of it…'s just a game!
  7. Its hard to decide which side to believe.

    The Ities are renowned for this sort of thing both supporters and supposed law enforcers.

    Yet the Red Scum...... i err mean Man U hangers on enjoy kicking off, especially as they would have their bottom lip out having lost.

    The only thing we can be sure of is that the Mancs will have had their arrses kicked!
  8. How is it this country has driven this bull out of the stadium yet the Italian's haven't. The media time one fella got for having a pop at Lampard is ridiculus in comparison.

    Basically the Italian Police chose to fight the Brits 'cause it was easier than fighting the Facist Italian fans. Remember it wasn't that long ago they shot dead a copper in Italy during rioting, ban them for 20 years, kunts.

    We slate our coppers but they would never wade in indiscriminately like that.

    Edited to add indiscriminately
  9. no comment....has no sense....just a name Heysel

    Ps: sorry to disappoint you but I am not a fascist

  10. My disgust is tempered by the fact that it was Man U fans on the receiving end and therefore acceptable.
  11. I'm with roo head at least it was only man united and not proper football fans
  12. I remember when England had to get a draw in Italy to go to a world cup.
    The Italian fans were p1ssing in cans and bottles , then started throwing them at the England fans.
    The England fans returned the cans and bottles.
    The Italian police then lined up and started to advance towards the English,so the English just sat down.
    The Italian police started to smash the heads in of the nearest fans ,regardless that some of them were very old and had children with them.
    When the police chief was asked why they did this he said "When we advance the Italian fans run away , and when the English sat down we did not know what to do"
  13. It was only Mancs, at least it wasn't real people.

    Will the events in Rome and Lille stop them singing their 'hilarious' Hillsborough and Hysel songs?
  14. I wonder how many real Mancs were actually there? Looking round the fans I could see flags from Carlisle, Watford and Norwich (Norwich!)
    Pointless moaning about this anyway, in Europe any Brits are fair game.
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