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Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Gundulph, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. We have designed and are producing a UK Armed Forces Veteran "Challenge" Coin (you can see the History and info including the Rules of the Challenge etc. at UKChallengeCoins ).


    The UK Armed Forces Veterans Coin will provide much needed funding for a little known organisation run by a small dedicated group of selfless individuals here in ARRSE called Holidays 4 Heroes.

    The ARRSE "Challenge" Coin has made several thousand pounds for Holidays 4 Heroes so far and has proven immensely popular (still a few hundred remain Unsold - Christmas is Coming :wink: )

    The veterans Coin will obviously be available to all Three Armed Services.

    The Scroll will allow anyone to engrave whatever they want on their coin i.e. Service Number, Name, Units served or a personal message etc. these will be produced and ready well in time for Chrimbo so they can be purchased and make the ideal Stocking Filler or Christmas Cracker Surprise for any Christmas Function/Urine-Up 8O

  2. Scroll at the bottom, looks much neater.
    Just a question, because of the wording on the coin how will you stop these getting in the hands of walty types ie: people who haven`t served ?
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Any chance of a Second man on the Balcony coin?

    Just for personal walting use you understand
  4. Brilliant idea would make great stocking fillers. Go for the scroll undeneath.
  5. Good question, I suppose the only way is for people to state what Service they served in and their Military number and to be prepared to be Walt Bashed if they lie and then try to Challenge anyone with it 8)
  6. Just a couple of quick questions - does the veteran status only mean regular service members or does it include reservists? And would you have to have served operationally?
  7. Me want.

  8. Take it they will be blank and you go and get your Service Number engraved locally at a Jewellers ? Whilst the initial ARRSE coin was atttractive in that we scrambled to get reserve our last 3. A blank one means that you can keep issuing more coins. With a bit of PR and a the odd Google add this could be a massive seller Nationally and really give Hols 4 Heroes a great boost.
  9. That's the idea Killaloe... Let people engrave what they want on it after purchasing, also a better potential gift to a Serving/Former Serving Family Member as they can put their name on it or Service Number etc.

    stabradop... A friend of mine earlier stated this "The new Advert for the Army says "one army, Regular and TA" and given the amount of T.A. who have served on operational tours, then of course it is available for you also.
  10. If they want them they will get them ... same as a Veterans badge which is readily available on flea-bay. As Gundulph says they willget found out anyway.

    I want one. You still have any No Fear BD coins G?
  11. A good point that man!

  12. I think the only way would be for someone who is serving to check on the Site where you can add any Service Number... but like you say K13eod with the Veterans Coin, I suppose with any of our coins donating to H4H then any potential Walts or indeed Ebayers will come under the wrath of ARRSE Members, which has been proven to a handful of people as not the best of Top Tips!

    A number of No fear Coins left yes mate... still available to purchase at UKChallengecoins
  13. Will there be a couple of boxes on the order-form to enter Reg No, Armed Forces Branch and Regiment/Corps?

  14. We're undecided yet Bugsy, is this an option most would want to see and of course, agree with? It is certainly a way someone can be found out as the coins will only be available from UKChallengeCoins, it isn't like they are going on General sale in WHSmiths/Amazon/Ebay etc.
  15. The service number produced at source would be a good option, maybe this would deter some, dare i say the word!