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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by tafft, May 19, 2012.

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  1. Can somebody tell me when did the Forces start waving their arms around like ducks flying south when marking time?
  2. Whats worse was the few Rifles officers doing normal drill!
  3. At 1117hrs on 03 Jun 2007.
  4. When we let them there coloured chaps join.
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  5. Umm, they weren't marking time, they were stepping short ...... for a very long time. Gotta love those RAF bandsmen with their New Orleans style uniform.
  6. Stepping short I understand,but there seemed to be no movement at all just a lot of arm waving.
  7. Because the Garrison Sergeant Major didn't shout at us when we did it, therefore, we acted correctly when we had to step incredibly short due to the Royal Navy marching with the speed of a very poorly gazelle.
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  8. After watching that today, I shall no longer laugh at the RAF attempt at drill. I will, in future, reserve my hilarity for those of the Royal Navy.
  9. I heard that the RM started the trend of waving their arms about in 1982 when the Argies invaded the FIs. I dunno if its true tho!!
  10. Disgusted at my old mob, clockwork as ****, in step and smarter than the Guards.
  11. And the prize of "The Golden Turd with Acorns goes to you, as the first poster on this thread to have a go at the RAF. Congratulations wear it with pride.
  12. There's a photo on the BBC slideshow of this that shows some Guards NCOs and RAF types at the salute - the RAF NCO seems to have lost his medals and is just wearing the ribbons - do you think they fell off?
  13. This could be one for the Walt hunters :slow:
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  14. No dramas, probably a few of those ex red coat fellas who jumped onboard from the other mobs and loved doing that shouty , stamping of feet, shoulder high arm swinging lark....
  15. Lets be honest though, he won't be the last, as to be fair, the crimpolene wearing ***** are a very easy target. The ******* pissflaps.