Armed Forces to Strike

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Mar 11, 2006.

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  1. I have just had a great idea. The Garda Síochána (Police) in Dublin wanted a payrise and did not get it. They all had a day where loads phoned in sick. It was pre planned and all over the TV, Radio & Newspapers. It was known as "Blue Flu" and guess what they got a payrise. Are there any Soldiers/SNCO's/Officers that would be intrested in starting Green Flu day where every soldier in the British Army refuses to Soldier. It would be an absolute hoot. I know that the AGC and RLC have been on an unofficial strike and go slow for years so we would not notice any change in their workpattern. However for the rest of the proper 'Grown Up' Army who do have a vital role is anyone interested ? I reckon a 10% payrise challenge to the Treasury or a Green Flu day in October. Any takers ?
  2. Have a few pints at luchtime did you?
  3. Wouldn't work though would it, surely they'd just get the firefighters to cover the job of the army in return for all the times we've done it for them???? :p
  4. Yes I have partaken in a few wee tins of Guinness with the chaps ahead of our glorious victory over the Scots this afternoon. This is only a bit of craic, I'm actually very anti striking but wanted to see the reaction.
  5. It wouldn't work. What would we do anyway, picket outside the camps to stop the civvy pan bashers getting to work, or simply put up a sign at dover saying "Thank you for not invading our country" Maybe we could get Wogan to host 'Squaddies in Need' - could be a hit!
  6. ... erm. Isn't that mutiny? Won't you lot get shot or something? What about us STABS? Most of us just don't turn up on exercises anyway if we've already got our ITD's.
  7. Then that would make you a bounty hunting oxygen thief, but that’s a different topic altogether.
  8. Learn to read sh*t-brick. I wasn't referring to myself. Fcuk off and do one will you <... :wink: >
  9. Ooops, lead with your chin on that one shrew :lol:
  10. It was implied pecker head :D
    Claiming that most STABS are bounty hunters isn’t going to do you any favours, It’s also a load of rubbish.
  11. Actually you knobless streak of fecal matter :D That's what you 'inferred'. There was no implication on my part. So fcuk you, six ways and backwards.

    ... and as a STAB, it's been my experience that there are a few who are nowt but bounty hunters. The word 'some' does not imply the majority. Stop trying to make me look bad. I can do that well enough on my own. Let me know if you require further English lessons, but please don't feck with me over semantics. Buttfecker.
  12. Chill out shrew, we're all tired!
  13. Chill out shrew, we're all tired!
  14. ... and you can fcuk off too, cnutstack!!!

    <... hungover and at work. Je suis ne pas happy camper>
  15. ... and YOU 'n' all! Dickhead.