Armed forces superbug menaces UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Dec 16, 2007.

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  2. Cue for a "we should have our own hospitals" campaign?

    At least this time we could add "so we can protect the general population from getting our superbugs"!

    Then again, the government would probably charge us for the free gift!

  3. Can't see that being a problem in UK hospitals. It's currently safer and cleaner to do open heart surgery in the street than in hospital.

    Cue NHS managers using this to blame the shite state of thier hospitals.
  4. Beat me to it; if NHS managers did their fcuking jobs and made sure the fcuking hospitals were cleaned properly, we would'nt have to worry about ANY kind of superbug. :x
  5. Given this Gobmints record on the looking after the Forces, cue refusal to repatriate wounded service personnel to UK but treat in theatre. Afterall they wouldn't want the NHS to have to deal with "dirty soldiers". Excuse this rant but I am rapidly reaching the end of my tether with the way things are going. Got particularly pished off this morning listening to the political pundits blathering on about the lead the Tories have in the opinion polls, what fecking use is that if the Gobmint won't call an Election.
  6. And even if they did commit political suicide, the Tories are just a different colour of thieving, gutless, useless CNUTS! :evil:

    Come on, Clarkson! You're country needs you to found and lead the ARRSE Party! :twisted:
  7. The irony is that there are plenty of Trusts and Foundation trusts that have little or no MRSA / C-Dif etc on their wards. It is achievable, it just looks like some Trusts aren't putting the effort in.

    T C