Armed Forces Spacker Unit of the Year Trophy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FaceLikeAPingPongBall, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. As Chief Dribbler to the Spacker Society you decide to show support to the Troops by inaugurating the ‘Spacker Unit of the Year’ Trophy for the most outstanding Spacker major or minor unit of the British Army, Royal Marines and RAF Regiment.

    Unsure of where to get recommendations for said award you post this on the well known and often (mis)quoted website ARRSE and await the in-coming of nominations stating why a unit deserves such a prestigious award.

  2. Surely, in keeping with the finest traditions of the service, the awards would be for a)Major Unit and b)Minor Unit? Perhaps wilkinson's could present the Wilkinson Dibbers of Peace; a finely crafted but physically safe item of mlarrer cutlery?

    Another suitable sponsor might be Bristol-based balloon manufacturer, Cameron's? Or finally, the Cornet of Peace could be presented by Wall's.
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    This is a very tasteless and divisive thread, playing on the uncertainties, concerns and both physical and mental impediments of harmlesss, warm and loving people.
    It will cause friction and discontent and possibly mass defections from our valuable fighting forces.
    After all, who can possibly decide a winner when there are so many contestants?
    And it should be a tri-service event, for let's not forget the valiant contributions our nave and air force have made in this field. In fact, the senior service leads at the moment, with it's various escapades that have made front page news.

    I have no personal favourites for this, and would not dream of mentioning the Household Brigade!
  4. Bu99er me, did they shrink in the wash from a Division to a Brigade?
  6. 3 LSR have my major unit nomination. A bigger bunch of retards I have yet to meet. Most incidents involved Foden Drops, not looking where they were going and 2 spacker drivers.
  7. 9th 12th lancers, for allowing OPFOR snipers into BGHQ in BATUS! And because I dont like their heirachy very much!
  8. Truely, in the world of the Spacker, 9/12 L lead the way....
  9. But I would hazard a guess even 9/12 can drive in a straight line?
  10. 'straight' and '9/12 Lancers' are words that are not compatible in the same sentence (unless 'shi'te', 'into' and 'deep' are also in the sentence!).
  11. Not quite! They have a recce screen provided by elements of 229 (Berlin) Signal Sqn. Wilmersdorf Tp.
  12. Fair enough. I'll think of some other mong major unit that may qualify later on. As far as minor unit's go, 19 Tk Tptr had a bunch of c0cks in the Mess. Bunch of uppity, boss-eyed trolls who had a clear problem walking and breathing simultaneously.
  13. HMS Cornwall
  14. What about them? 'Fess up! They need something on their citation.
  15. Wah?

    Where were you this year! Mars? :)