ARMED forces slum housing notched up a record 197,441 compla

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ARMED forces slum housing notched up a record 197,441 complaints, it was revealed yesterday.

The toll over the last year is more than four moans for each of the 44,000 decaying military homes.

In January alone as many as half of service residents reported a range of problems, lodging 23,623 protests with the MoD.

A substantial chunk are about ageing boilers that pack up, leaving young families without heating or hot water. Some families have spent 12 weeks without a boiler, often while their men fight in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The figures were unearthed by the Lib Dems, whose defence spokesman Nick Harvey MP said: “Our forces’ accommodation is a national disgrace.

“A soldier who has just braved Iraq or Afghanistan should not have to spend hours on the phone to an anonymous call centre trying to get his boiler fixed.

“The Government demands a lot of our troops and repays them with dreadful accommodation

Many problems have been blamed on a contractor hired by the MoD to fix forces’ houses.Modern Housing Solutions got 8,779 complaints about their service in the past year.

One forces house was burnt down by a serious fire due to recently installed faulty wiring.

Last December former top soldier General Sir Mike Jackson branded conditions “frankly, shaming”. And a Sun investigation found many estates are rat-infested and riddled with damp due to years of neglect.

An MoD spokeswoman said last night: “Some housing is not good enough, which is why we are spending £5billion over ten years to fix it. We have also acknowledged problems with the maintenance service — but the situation here is improving too.”

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