Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by G_O_D_is_Armoured, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. just found the DIN relating to the AFRS 2010, not sure when this was released, but it has only been found today

    it all seems a bit vague, it mentions no where about if you still recieve your gratuity on termination, only an increment of 3,6 or 9 months pay tax free payment.

    all i can find is mention of "22" year point, nothing in relation to V eng

    all seems to be harking back to Options for Change

    what i do seem to be able to gleen, is that you will loose your Resetlement grant!

    so in effect lets say you are only eligible for the 3 months pay tax free, then that is not much more than the grant.

    seems an odd redundancy package where you will be loosing out by accepting

    i dont see any timeframes either

    it looked good initially but my own personal situation makes it not worth it, with 1 year and 2 weeks till my 22

    would be interesting to know if anyone is actually going with this offer, or will they do as with options for change and do a second offer soon after that was much better?
  2. There are 2 DIN's regarding AFRS 2010.

    DIN 01-187 states at Para 4c that you get a lump sum (special Capital payment) in addition to your Resettlement Grant, Pension and Terminal Grant as applicable.
  3. DIN 01-188 states differently, it says you can only get the resettlement grant if you are not entitled to an immediate pension......?
  4. That's correct, you only get a Resettlement Grant if you don't qualify for an immediate pension. This grant is nothing to do with any resettlement courses though, so don't be confused by the name.

    As long as you have done 18 years pensionable service on AFPS 75 and are made redundant then you will get an immediate pension, so you will not get the resettlement grant (DIN 01-188 Para 3).

    So my understanding of it is.

    You will get 18/37 ths of a full pension, Terminal Grant of 3 x your annual pension, the ability to commute some of your pension if required and a Tax Free Special Capital Payment of a Max of 9 months Pay.

    That's the most anyone will get, and obviously everyone will have differing packages depending on time served / remaining.

    No doubt those with the most to gain will not be required to apply / be selected for AFRS 2010 !!
  5. vauxhall

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    Just a reminder that The Forces Pension Society can give confidential advice on the financial implication of the various options you may be facing in these very stressful times. See our website for information about how to join.
  6. As long as you have done 18 years pensionable service on AFPS 75 and are made redundant then you will get an immediate pension, so you will not get the resettlement grant (DIN 01-188 Para 3).

    Any truth in the above ??
  7. Does anyone know if there are plans to compile something like the Armed Forces Pension Calculator albeit a Armed Forces Redundency Scheme version?
  8. Hold on, let me get this right..Vol redundancies for 18 year+ to include immediate pension AND lump sum...Bollox...Wah..
  9. To get a more accurate idea of what the terms are likely to be, read Statutory Instrument 2010 No 832 - Armed Forces Redundancy (I found it by Googling). It was put in place earlier this year, well before the General Election! Redundancy was coming irrespective of who got in!!
  10. I did notice that although it states that you will get an immediate pension and a redundancy payment (1.5 months x each year remaining) it doesn’t say anything about your pension gratuity.

    The other thing is, that although you get an immediate pension it will only be at the value of the years served (18 year pension not 22 year pension).
  11. i believe that the current DINs have always been in place because normal redundancies could always occur in certain places and the forces needed a system in place to do it.

    the new sdr plans not yet released will be a different beast altogether
  12. Dins are nothing more than Defence Information Notices. The legal basis for Armed forces Redundancy is the Statutory Instrument, the latest one (SI No 832) being drafted & introduced by the last Government in 2010 before they were voted out. The qualifying criteria is down to the single services once the numbers they wish to retain are worked out from the direction given by the Government to the Defence Chiefs and further down the CoC.
  13. There is now another Army Briefing Note regarding the Redundancy Scheme (Ser 05/11 dated 31 Jan 11). This lays out some of the timelines for the scheme, it also states that later on in Feb another ABN will be published stating which trades are not affected !!
  14. Can you PM, or post some of the info, or post a link to it please??
  15. People may recall that when the big redundancies came out in the early 90s, people got an immediate pension after 12 years, and approx 18 months salary as a Special Capital Payment (SCP). For the current round, you will only get an Immediate Pension if you have completed 18 years service from the age of 18. This ensures those on AFPS 75 and 05 are treated the same. SCP will depend on time left to serve (had you not been made redundant). Maximum is 9 months' salary if you have 3 years+ to serve. Resettlement Grant is (and always has been) £10k and is payable to those who have completed 12 years service but qualify for no Immediate Pension. So, in this case, it goes to those who have done more than 12 but less than 18. Generally, those who volunteer and are successful will leave 6 months after the names are announced, and those who are compulsory made redundant have 12 months (which will probably include an op tour). The first Tranche details are out in a DIN on 4 Apr, and Tranche 4 (final one) is completed when those leave in feb 2015. YB.