Armed Forces redundancy calculator

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by bigjimdangley, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. Have you been on it yet? Its ace!
  2. Yes it is. The next gizmo we need is a thermometer, like the fundraising ones, except this one shows just how many volunteers have come forward (updated daily by MCM Div or DMA) - perhaps on the DII SDSR Redundancy page?
  3. Yes. Or some kind of spin the wheel thingy. I went on it 3 times today with minor changes and it fluctuated by 60 grand!!
  4. tried it out today and wasnt to bad.

    if i stay and complete 22yrs (3yrs left) ill leave with 48k commutable with 578.94 a month (after tax)

    however if i take voluntary redundancy ill get 70k commutable with 488 a month (after tax)

    bit of a no brainer really, seeing as this govt will end up taxing forces pensions (gratuity)...

    im jumping ship at the first oppertunity..
  5. If you are due discharge before 01 Sep 14, then you will not get offered or selected for redundancy.
  6. any more info from today??
  7. Dunno, but i checked mine today, and i'm definately getting itchy feet. I'll only have to work for food and beer money, cos every thing else will be paid for. Cheers easy!
  8. can anyone tell me does the SCP and the Resettlement Grant payment get added together as a Cash sum ?

    Been told that the Resettlement Grant is the 12 yr SCP ?
  9. Yes they will be.
    No it is not.

    The SCP is your "Redundancy Payment", anything else is given if you have done enough time to qualify as at your discharge date. ie 12 years for your Resettlement Grant (then a preserved pension), or 18 years for an Immediate Pension (with the option to commute)
  10. Do you get your £488 a month straight away, or at 60/65?