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Armed Forces Redundancy 2010

I have read it - but in view of other initiatives to push people out of the army to make way for new recruits. And pending SDR and too many senior officers
plus cuts everywhere I trust nothing with mcbroon and cohorts.
This happened in the early nineties “Options For Change” they got rid of a lot of experienced Sgt’s C/Sgt’s and WO2’s creating a hell of a void where young inexperienced people were promoted into these positions and let me tell you it was a “Cluster Fu*k” for a good few years. I knew of one guy that went from Sgt to WO2 in three years, he was out of his depth.

Bodger123 said:
Does this mean we can get rid of the fat knackers and ftrs ******* who are clogging up the system.

Sod that, can I apply for redundancy so I can get back into normal life early, course myself up and do my job in a civvy environment?

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