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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by goatbagthedruid, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. Having just popped up to town I notice that the Charing Cross recruiting office has moved from The Strand to Victoria. Not am issue I am sure but is an example of a short term issue which affects all Recruiting Offices

    One day we will need to grow the Armed Forces and the method of the first interview is via these Recruiting Offices. They are located in sh1tty parts of towns and cities, are not open on sports afternoons and a majority of weekends.

    I think we should buck the trend, get an image rebrand and occupy small, prominent shops in areas populated by the demographic we are trying to recruit. This will cost money but will benefit in the long term.


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  2. From some of the posts on here you'd be mistaken for thinking Arrse is now the first port of call for potential recruits, despite recruiting having an official portal.

    I take your point about locations - the joint RAF/RN ACIO in Hull was prominently placed on a main thoroughfare, while the Army office was a pokey little dungeon down a side-street facing a former bombsite-cum-carpark. But I guess that just reflected the demographic of the day.
  3. cloudbuster, the on-line presence for Army recruiting has come on a long way. Just check out their 2 main Facebook pages. Since the launch of those the number of new users and posts to this forum has dropped sharply (and bone posts too). They must be getting it right!
  4. I quite agree. I have a very good friend who's been involved in that line for some time, so I'm delighted to see his workload increase. :)
  5. There are no town offices in Northern Ireland, this stands for the south too. If you want to go to a recruiter you actually have to go to Palace Barracks. No such luxury as a casual walk-in off the street as you have to call and arrange an appointment in advance.

    I suppose it could be argued it is a better process as it shows more commitment to the cause as to get there requires some effort. Then again I could see it putting many off, especially those who do not have to live on the east coast and have 50 plus miles to travel. All this said our regional office is very good at assisting with travel arrangements and costs.

    I know the same logic cannot be applied here as on the mainland, the number of Irish recruits would probably prove that but I can’t see the initial outlay of setting up offices in prime locations outweighing the benefits in quality recruits for quite some time. If we were not in such times it would be promoted surely. As mentioned above the money has been better spent for kids who use bakebook.
  6. System you are wrong, three high street offices are in NI, namely Coleraine, Enniskillen and Portadown, all walk in offices, no booking required. The reason there are no offices in the south is due to it being Ireland, not part of Great Britain, but applicants from the south are as acceptable to apply as someone from the UK (citizenship).
  7. I stand corrected. You can only do ADSC etc at Holywood and have to travel from the west, from speaking to the other recruits I was of the impression they had to travel to Palace for everything.
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    Thats a while ago - it's now a combined office near some unemployment agency. Not very well advertised and only open 9-4.30 Mon to Friday. Wish it was open on Saturdays cos at full time college during the week.
  9. Quite possibly. Last time I saw the ACIO was 1978.
  10. The whole recruiting world is about to change end of 2012 with lots more civilian and and shoot
  11. It is not where they are located, its the codgers who work in them.....stand by....stand by ;-)
  12. Oo pray tell, never been called a codger before......that gives me a real feeling of seniority and senelinity to boot
  13. It was aimed at the_IRON, gnr, he is older than god himself...........
  14. ah understood, thought you may have known anything/more about forthcoming activities tied into the civilianisation of us
  15. Grab your suit out mate you might be needing it next year :)