Armed Forces Qualifier for Britain's Natural Strongest Man 2013

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by plastic_scouser, Jun 3, 2013.

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  1. Wed 26 June at Dishforth - All services welcome

    Top competitors in each weight category qualify for Britain's Natural Strongest Man Finals - Aug Bank Holiday

    Facebook Page "British Army Strongman" for entry forms

    The weights for the events in each category are listed below:

    1. Farmers walk.
    a. U90's 100kg 20 metres, 120kg 20 metres
    U105's 110kg 20 metres, 130kg 20 metres
    Opens 120kg 20 metres, 140kg 20 metres

    2. Truck pull TBC, all 3 weight categories will pull the same truck.

    3. Deadlift.
    a. U90's 210kg
    b. U105's 230kg
    c. Opens 250kg (No suits, no Sumo) Straps ok

    4. Overhead log press.
    a. U90's 90kg
    b. U105's 105kg
    c. Opens 120kg

    5. Sandbag loading race.
    a. U90’s 4x 70kg
    b. U105’s 4x 80kg
    c. Opens 4x 90kg
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  2. is this a feeder competition to the worlds strongest man that is normally on the tv at Xmas? great if it is.

    no atlas balls though. love watching that event. I know others are harder but there is something 'classic' about this

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  3. This is not a feeder to the competition you see on the telly, as this version of Britain's Strongest Man is "Natural" ie drug tested, to fit in with military ethos.

    We ran a first-timers competition last month which had stones, so we thought that we would be slightly different for this comp. 3 of the events were dictated by the organisers of the finals anyway
  4. This 'farmers walk' you have to bring your own wellies?
  5. Come on chaps - this isn't the Naafi section: it's a serious thread on Sports, Adventure Training & Events.

    The term is: Cloth-backed, nylon fastening tape. Let us keep the product endorsements where they belong, not here.
  6. If the weights here look a bit juicy for most, there will be another first-timers comp sep/oct time. The idea being that we will be a "inclusive" sport, getting as many gym rats into the sport as possible. We've already had interest from females, so we will be looking to include events and weights that will suit a wide range of abilities, allowing people to improve over time while still catering to the big boys with the heavier kit.