Armed Forces primary mission to sell trainers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. This is what the Ministry of Defence want the Armed Forces to concentrate on. Forget fighting, dropping bombs etc - this is the future!

    The RAF Cross Training Shoe!


    Inspired by the Eurofighter, it will be overpriced, overdue and obsolete when introduced into service!

    The Army PT03 Training Shoe!

    Developed with the input of Army PTIs it has a level of sadism and a vocabulary of obscenities unparalleled in the sports footwear market!


  2. These April Fools get lamer! If it was the RAF, surely it would be cross-dressing shoe? Especially for Fast Jet aircrew
  3. Whats wrong with decent "Pumps"? :) After slinging my Home retention kit the other day, I found my to my surpise my trusted (polished and bulled Black) "Road slappers" issued in 1983. Thank fcuk I don't run anymore, I wouldn't know what to buy
  4. RTFQ


    Sadly, not an april fools, this came out a couple of months ago. The raf also get these cool little blue daysacks (well, more like timmy-aged-ten's PE kit bag) with the RAF wings on. Nice
  5. Thout it shouldbe the "RAF Cross-Dressing Shoe"?
  6. You can tell its a wind up and the pictures been doctored - there isn't two working Typoons in service yet!

    And what are the RAF doing advertising trainers anyway - bunch of fatties that they are with no compulory PT and an assesment that requires them to get to level 5.2 on the beep test to be classified fit!!!!
  7. This is not a wind up; I posted the picture in good faith from the RAF Museum website and the item pre-dated April 1!
  8. It has to be a wind up. Why would the RAF need a cross training shoe ? Most of thier trades involve lengthy periods of time sat on thier arrses.

    Unless of course its for the first in the NAAFI queue race?
  9. I've heard of this new trainer, which I believe is being trialled by Gym Queens at Sennelager. A welcome replacement to the Silver shadow methinks.

  10. Whatever happened to Army daps?

    Now there Gents, was a fashion icon.
  11. of course it's a wind up , the only shoes RAF wear are grey slip ons , and the bloke hasn't got half mast crimpolene slacks on .

    anyway , why would the RAF need trainers , it's like giving the signals weapons.

    f*cking pointless. :D