Armed Forces Pension to be reviewed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AFA06, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. MPs to be excluded? How can this be justified?

    Upping the age of retirement from the Army might not be such a good idea. Zimmer frames could be a handicap in the poppy fields. I would have thought that increasing the retirement age for armed Forces' personnel has been proven to be a thoroughly bad idea - Stirrup.
  2. Firstly, it is a journalistic interpretation of a possible leak of tomorrow's announcement. So, hang on and leave the keys where they are. Anyway, you'd never get on the road, because it is clogged with TGWU and PCSU limos.

    Secondly, the Government has no authority to change the Parliamentary pensions system (in exactly the same way that Govt cannot unilaterally change local authority pension schemes.) That's the responsibility of the House (or the local authorities.) So a Chancellor cannot announce a review of the Parliamentary scheme. However, if the schemes it is loosely based on change, then the House can then vote to bring the Parliamentary scheme in line with the revised government service schemes. It will be an interesting test of the ethics (or lack of) of the new members.
  3. I don't know where they get their information from?
    New Government Spin?
    Hate the bloated public sector?
    "Currently, public sector staff pay an average of around six per cent of their salaries into a pension pot, but some civil servants pay just 1.5 per cent. Many in Whitehall pay around 3.5 per cent. A 2.5 per cent rise across the board would save taxpayers around £3.2 billion a year."

    RUBBISH! I pay 11%
    Gotta be honest. To keep my pension I'd happily pay 18%.
    I've been paying that for over 25 years.
    MPs have only been paying 11% for 5-6 years. And WHY THE HELL SHOULD THEY BE RINGFENCED? I thought this new government was stopping this sort of thing.
    Pah. The whole cabinet are millionaires. What do they know about normal people? Nothing........
  4. 6% for 45 years in my job gets you a lump sum of just £45,000. Hardly brilliant.
    (starting at 20, retiring at 65)
    If people are paying less than the above for a higher lump sum after less time then to hell with them!
  5. AIUI Army Pensions have actuary tables stating those from the70s/80s who did the full 22 years have only as 28% chance of reaching age 65. It was divulged in a presentation about 2 years ago.

    Considering the death rate amongst those I served with I think the service period ought to be reduced in those tables.
  6. Totally agree with that Mikal. I joined '71 and there are just above half of us still kicking.
  7. Hope they don't review 'em. I'm about to get mine next month. Oh Boy!
  8. I'm full time fire service, and i pay 13% of my pay into my pension, Its Upper levels that need sorting out My former chief fire officer Retired on the 1 of April this year (there were 20 other chiefs who did this) with £320,000 lump sum and a £60,000 a year pension and then comes back as a consultant for the council, This is happening as support staff are being laid off who actually have important job and have to work for it ,Jobs for the boys
  9. I joined in 71 and did a full 22, so thanks for that information, it's made my planning for retirement sooo much easier! :(
  10. Can they change the pension if you already serving or is it only for newcomers
  11. Like so many things - keep your powder dry until the facts are clearly stated in the House.

    Once we know the proposals we can start picking holes in them, or approving of of them perhaps.
  12. Don't take offence here mate, but did you expect anything else? You people run about with two jobs, sleep most of your night shifts and get paid fairly well, and when you decide that you don't like the rules of the game, you f*ck off on strike and let squaddies do your job. It may have been a couple of years back, but we've not forgotten what you did, so you've a f*cking brass neck coming on here you cheeky c*nt whining about your ex bosses scams.
  13. WORD.
  14. Edited for typing with elbows