Armed Forces Pay Review Body 2010 Report

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by plant_life, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Well looks like we are getting a 2% pay rise from April. Whilst this seems tiny it is amongst the highest within the public sector.

    Key points include:
    LSA qualifying period cut from 10 days to 7 days.
    FRI of £50K for High Threat IED disposal operators.
    FRI of £12K for REME Class One Avonic Techs
    Highest food/accommodation increase is 1.5%.
    3 core meals will cost £4.13 per day from April.
  2. Just had a quick scan of it and bodged together some maths on it:

    Pte/ LCpl Married on Level 6 Low Band has managed to get a whopping pay increase of about 10p a day -lucky bastards.

    NB I have only looked at the Pay increase versus the brand new water and sewarge charge and not factored in the accom charge etc! So the odds are on that the lowest paid are due to be out of pocket.

    I close with the following sentiment:

    Politicians? - Fucking Cunts!
  3. Given the state of the economyand public finances no more could be expected
  4. Good news about the LSA and the retention incentive for HT Ammo Techs and ATOs
  5. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Anything about whether the OTC will be paid again?
  6. Stop moaning. We get two pay raises a year and the majority of the Armed Forces are financially far better off than the national average. Not bad considering many of our soldiers come with no civilian qualifications.

    Be glad we had a pay rise at all in this environment.
  7. How the blinkety flip can you construe an actual drop in take home pay as a pay rise? You should go and work with Lord Mandelbum and the spin factory. Besides I am not moaning -I am merely pointing out that the lowest paid amongst us will not actually be getting more wonga as oppose to what the government will trot out as 'a recession busting award for the hard work and sacrifices made by our brave armed forces'. :toilet:

    I await your spin with eager anticipation :D In the meantime I am off to turn on all the taps and leave the windows open!!!!
  8. Please take note of the following:

    1. We get 1 annual pay rise as per the AFPRB reccomendations, we also get an increment jump assuming you are not already at the highest level already, 2 completely seperate things.

    2. The national average does not find itself sticking its head above the parapet.

    3. A true squaddie will moan about everything and anything and at the same time laugh about it, its life, get over it!

    4. The majority of the Armed Forces that are better off than the national average, have served time and accrued qualifications.

    5. If we had not recieved a pay rise then that would most likely been an election killer, its all about Brown not the soldier!
  9. You're damn right you bodged the maths!

    Lance Jack Level 6 Low band 2009 = £21021
    Lance Jack Level 6 Low band 2010 = £21442

    Pay rise of £421/yr

    Total rent charge for Grade 1 type D furnished quarter (inc water)quarter in 2009 = £2245
    Total rent charge for Grade 1 type D furnished quarter (inc water)quarter in 2010 = £2281

    Increase = £36

    Net increase = 421-36 = £385

    Daily increase = 385/365 = £1.05/day
  10. It's nothing to do with spin at all, it's just realism. Soldiers are not bad off in anyway in terms of pay and a 2% rise should be seen as a good thing. Soldiers already pay a lot less than the going rate of rent, bills and food compared to civvies . Would we/I have liked more? Certainly. Is it a fair pay rise in the current environment of fiscal prudency? Definitly.

    As predictable as ever "civvies don't put their lives on the line" or "The national average does not find itself sticking its head above the parapet" lines come out. You're right. But soldiers CHOOSE to do so and can leave if they don't like it.

    I wouldn't say the increment are two seperate things, either way you look at it your pay goes up twice a year (unless, as you said, you're at the highest level). For the majority of people in the UK, that doesn't happen. The majority of the people in the UK are probably just happy they still have a job.

    So keep moaning if it makes you happy. I won't be losing any sleep over it.
  11. You are, at least, correct on that single point.
  12. Yeh and we ****ing get what we pay for! I live in transit accomodation and can touch 3 of the walls in my room at the same time! If I stick my arms out in front of me I have to back out of the room to turn around :D
  13. Not being funny but what the hell did anyone expect 5,6 ,7 even 10%. Sorry folks it just don't and never will happen and for those of you who think it will dream on.....
    Iam close to the end of my military life and know full well all about broken promises, lies and other bull that comes from our so called government. So i aint going to loose any sleep.. and neither should anyone else....

    :D :D :D :D :D :D
  14. Then i must have been dreaming when Thatcher gave us a whopping pay rise in the late 80s or early 90s, to long ago to remember, but i am sure someone on here will!

    Far from complaining, 2% is quite good! But the SDR and a new Goverment will soon find ways to claw some of it back!
  15. I don't have access to the new rates, but just out of interest, how far up the rank scale do you need to be before you get a pay-rise of £1000 per year like the MPs just got?