Armed Forces Parachuting Championships

Quick question on the Armed Forces Parachuting Championships held at Netheravon. I had a look on the Netheravon site and there wasn't much info on there, haven't been able to get through to them on the phone yet either.

Is it a case of just making a team up with guys from your unit and then just contacting Netheravon, or do you have to go through your unit?

Unless the sport has changed immeasurably, they don't give a monkey's where your team is recruited from, as long as you are all properly trained, BPA membership up to date, and all competitors are 'current' jumpers. Might wanna let the Unit know you're entering - it's more than just a weekend event, so you'll need time off. Never know - ask nicely, mebbe they'll stump up your entry fees.

Entry documentation etc used to be published in DCIs - I'd expect them to be available online these days: blowed if I know where to look tho'

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