Armed Forces Parachute Championship - August 2006


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....for all those who like to leave perfectly servicable aircraft whilst airborne :lol:

- calling notice at

Extract: Reference: 2006DIN02-093 replaces 2006DIN02-070
1. The 7th British Armed Forces Parachute Championships (AFPC) will take place at the Joint Service Parachute
Centre over the period Thu 3 Aug to Fri 11 Aug 06. The Championships are open to both serving and
reservist soldiers and officers in the RN, British Army and RAF.

2. Official Training dates are Thu 3 Aug 06 and Fri 4 Aug 06. Teams intending to train on these dates should
inform the Comdt JSPC(N).

3. Registration will start at 1700hrs Friday 4 Aug 06 and closes at 0800hrs Sat 5 Aug 06. The competition draw
will take place 0815hrs Sat 5 Aug 06. The Championships will start at 0900hrs Sat 5 Aug 06 and will be finished by
1800hrs Fri 11 Aug 06.
For further information, plse contact the poc listed in the DIN (unless he's reading this and wishes to put his name and Mil phone number here)

Lee Shaver

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