Armed Forces on stand-by to man prisons in case of strike

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. "Servicemen and women are learning how to carrying out “non-prisoner-facing” duties......."

    What? Gates, staring at CCTV screens, perimiter wandering? Terrible waste of resources. But hold on....

    "The memorandum instructed contingents of officers and ranks from 12 RAF bases in Britain yesterday to attend a training session at RAF Wittering in Cambridgeshire."

    Ah right. What could possibly go wrong?

    Armed Forces on stand-by to man prisons in case of strike - Telegraph
  2. What's your point, as in do you agree or disagree with A. The right of workers to withdraw labour. Or B. The fact that the Armed Forces are used as scab labour?
  3. Standard fare for the Toadygraph then, they run these stories whenever they are short of the usual guff to print. I like the way that they keep emphasising "Illegal strike" even though the Prison officers rep is qouted as having heard nothing about it.

    Sadly ironic though, one group of public sector employees who have been constantly shafted by politicians of all parties even though they have given sterling service and are banned from striking are standing by to cover for a another group of public sector employees that have given sterling service and have been shafted by politicians of all parties and are banned from striking.
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  4. Alex Salmond must be on holiday.
  5. Well someone somewhere must have mentioned the potential for a strike, it's not just the RAF who've been spammed for it.
  6. Possibly, but then i seem to recall the tory press getting themselves into a lather over a battalion of the parachute regiment undergoing riot training shortly after the summer riots last year with all the usual journalistic feverish speculation.
  7. Yes, but this isn't a load of bloke just carrying out normal public order training, this is blokes being taken and trained up specifically to carry jobs should the prison officers go on strike.
  8. Whichever way it goes, its not as easy as you think working in a prison, you can't keep everyone on lockup indefinitely and there still have to be escorts.. meds.I visits etc etc its not a job you that can be taught over a few weeks, you learn through jailcraft.
    Bit like expecting a prison officer to take over the role of a soldier.
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  9. Says more about you than it does about the situation tbh.
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  10. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

  11. This just before you****ed off down to The Bustard?
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  12. I agree with those points, but the media stories refer to service personnel being trained for "non-prisoner-facing duties".
  13. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    All we did was control the outside and access to the inside (maybe Regtl cooks were involved, too, can't remember). They weren't high security prisoners. They worked outside, too:

    Google Image Result for
  14. Aren't the prisoners in cells?

    Just lock the doors and go on strike.
  15. You really don't get it do you. Did you actually read the article in the link? Far from idle shits that can't be bothered to do the job for the money on offer, we are talking about people trying to defend their working conditions(although this is still tabloid speculation as no strikes have actually taken place) and by extension their quality of life from people (******** politicians) with vested interests whose only motive is selling off what remains of the public sector to their chums in the private sector such as G4s and dressing it up as austerity measures/efficiency savings or any other mealy mouthed euphemism that is in vogue in westminster, and we all saw what a wonderful quality service organisations like G4s delivered in the olympics.
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