Armed Forces must wait five years longer for pension

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by dave8307, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. Blimey!! two posts in a day - I'll have to go and have a lie down, I'm working too hard.

    Anyway, back to the post...apparently Cameron is determined to make the most loyal supporters lose faith:

    Armed Forces must wait five years longer for pension - Telegraph

    Soldiers, sailors and airmen may have to give as much as 23 years’ service before being able to leave with their pensions, up from as little as 18 years at present.

    The result would be that the effective minimum age for leaving the Services with an immediate pension would increase from 40 to 45.

    Under the current scheme of compulsory redundancies will anyone serve long enough to receive a full pension?

    Is it me or are they wanting to hand the next election to Labour on a plate?
  2. Got my pension. Who gives a shit?
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  3. So what? The overwhelming majority of WOs/SNCOs will willingly stay in for 5 extra years - 5 extra years of pay, SFA, free medical and dental care, and CEA, and all the while topping up the pension pot.

    It's officers who are going to whine the loudest - the majority of them are only in it to secure their IPP and get their darlings educated on the back of CEA before racing off to the city and some pointless 'job' as a management consultancy manager or something. There are ******* thousands of these scavenging wasters infesting the Army - in every capbadge - and it's high time we cleaned house and got rid. Maybe the NEM will force their hand.

    Bah humbug etc.
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  4. LAIT, got an issue with authority have we?
  5. Hand it to them on a plate? How do you figure that out, the military vote is nowhere near as large as you might think it is. Pissing off a couple of hundred thousand servicemen and women is a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of teachers, civil servants et al they're smashing with pension reform.
  7. My kids weren't old enough for CEA by my 16 year point - I obviously didn't start procreating as early as you would like to think before rushing off to my pointless job to pay tax to subsidise your pointless job.

    Just remember, we all leave the Army at some point and I don't know many as can live on pension alone. Everyone will have to plan their exit strategy and the IPP is a major factor in that. I don't care either way, because I've gone, but the 'powers that be' had best be damned sure they don't suffer the law of unintended consequence if they change it.
  8. So back to AFPS75 in everything but name then? Hold on pass me that wheel I think I can redesign that for you!!
  9. Do you mean you weren't paying tax whilst you were in?
  10. From the article

    So basically a two year raise to take in to account the VEng (Full) length of service for 24 years. Otherwsie (as it stands) even with two years of Junior service the vast majority wouldn't get the IP.

    If they remove the IP, as it stands, you would get a lot more blokes banging out before the 24 point.

    Maybe that is a good thing to a bean counter, but probably not to a CO of a Regiment/Army which is decimated at the return from tour/ball ache.

    You can regenerate Ptes/2Lts quite quickly, LCpls/Lts not too hard either... Cpls, Sgts, Capts and Majs though.
  11. I've to work 12 years extra, pay more, get less.
  12. I'm surprised they haven't looked into the whole immediate pension thing, leaving with a pension when you've got another 20 years work in you before retirement and all that. Or is that what the 2015 thnigy will be about.........
  13. Because getting a job with hardly a drop in pay at 40, when you've got kids, a house and all that is easy?

    You could ask why the MoD should care... well, if you have to make the descision to leave at the 'optimum' time, I'd imagine an average departure date of 26 to 32, coupled wth ranks of entrenched Cpls to SSgts is going to really fcuk the rank pyramid.

    And drive up the cost of training as the replacements come in.

    Similar affects to the Officer pyramid.
  14. Why do you need to work 12 years extra? Unless you're referring to the nurses retiring at 55 but you wouldn't have got a full pension then. Working to 67, which is the extra 12 years, would put you on the same amount of years as working to 65 would have done.
  15. Yes, my retirement age is changing from 55 and yes I would have had a full pension then.