Armed Forces Minister inspects growth of Typhoon Force in Scotland

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Dec 6, 2012.

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  2. Do you find yourself lying in the pub about what you do as you're too ashamed of yourself?
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  3. The visit of death they will be cut back next year then.
    Did not the PM visit our last carrier In when it was in yank land for a visit and told the crew how they were the dogs nuts then three weeks later binned the ship and the whole Harrier fleet.

    We will never learn to trust any thing the politicians say they lie through there back teeth.
    I remember Blair and his love rival Brown saying that the country had to much of a crime wave and that they would recruite thousands of new coppers which they did now they are laying them off by the thousands tough on crime my arse.

    Many years ago I remember a vist by the Armed Forces review body I had the pleasure of sitting down for lunch with one of the I had a brief from the Adgt along the lines of every thing is good and I was happy with every thing,the brief also included a hint that if I did not keep the party line I would be in a world of pain how ever my pet Hitler with the big gob was also sitting down for lunch and by heck did she let rip.
    Not a single thing changed at all total lying twats I have never heard of a honest politician in my life.
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  4. Be nice Vampire, the Minister went all the way to Scotland to see BOTH aircraft ....... quite an event.
  5. And there was me thinking it had something to do with the munitions and the ally geezer with the laser.
  6. I'm sure someone will help me out but was it supposed to be multi role ? I thought it was just meant to be a fighter ? A fighter without a gun IIRC ? Concrete replacing what would be a gun.
  7. How about a new take on a classic quote....

    "Never before in the field of taxation, has so much been paid, by so many ...... to get so very few"
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  8. The one second from left is actually the coach driver ...... he won the bet!

    So what'll be news next week????

    Minister Inspects British Army's Challenger Two Tank?
  9. Also they all look ****ing threaders apart from one of the flying suit wearers who has cracked a half smile. The two outer blokes look like they have just discovered their wife is having an affair again but they will stay together until the kids leave home .
  10. What soil conditions do you need to grow typhoons then? Mine is a sand loam mixture which drains well, needs plenty of lime and organic compost!
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  11. jrwlynch

    jrwlynch LE Book Reviewer

    You recall incorrectly; Typhoon's got its Mauser 27mm fitted and operational.
  12. There was me being told if 3 army officers were stood together all dressed the same, one was a spy.
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  13. Is it now legal for enlisted and officers to have affairs?
  14. Has that Air Commode turned-up the legs of his flying suit?.. and look at the state of his fcuking shoes....when was the last time they saw some polish?? Sir, you are dressed more like a fcuking liney than the senior RAF officer in Scotland !!
  15. /images/misc/quote_icon.png Originally Posted by Barry Buddon /images/buttons/viewpost-right.png
    I'm sure someone will help me out but was it supposed to be multi role ? I thought it was just meant to be a fighter ? A fighter without a gun IIRC ? Concrete replacing what would be a gun.

    He recalls perfectly correctly. The MoD in its wisdom decided to cancel the order for the Mauser and replace it with concrete. They only changed their mind when BritishWasteOfSpace informed them that to get the concrete to match the gun in terms of weight distribution would cost more than the real gun.

    Then there was the issue of the MoD trying to get out of ordering any ammunition for the guns...