Armed Forces Memorial: Staffordshire

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Cow, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Cow

    Cow LE

    I went to the National Memorial Arboretum on Monday. I wasn't even aware that this was being built, let alone finished and to be opened by the Queen in October.

    Its impressive, built to remember all members of the forces who have fallen since WW2. Worth a visit if your in the area.

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  2. Cow

    Cow LE

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  3. Some Corps (Royal Signals) have already planned and started raising funds for a specific permanent memorial to our corps members.
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

  5. Its going to be one impressive memorial - went the other month and will be going again later in the year to see it finished.
  6. I believe there are still tickets available for this, I don't know how widely it has been publisised.
  7. A friend of mine is a flag bearer on the 12th,but as stated its no addmission without ticket,but a lovely place to go and remember absent friends.
  8. I hope it is really well attended, and suggest people get their tickets quick. I have my tickets and will be there.
  9. I like to go when the crowds have gone soldiersmum,its a bit more peaceful and I can sit and reflect
  10. I can understand that. For me it is an opportunity to attend and then meet up with several friends that I have made who will all be in the one place at the same time, and all there for the same reason.
  11. I hope the day goes very well for you and your friends, soldiersmum and you get comfort from the fact that your son will be forever remembered and honoured at this quiet qnd peaceful place
  12. I received a letter end of August about the opening inviting us to purchase tickets, two per family. I won't be going on the 12th, I want to go when the crowds have gone and it's feels more peaceful.

    We've only just got my brothers headstone in place and seeing his name on that is heartbreaking, to see it in the memorial, even to know it's there in the roll of honour is difficult, so I don't want to do that with crowds around me.

    It's good to know the fallen are being remembered
  13. Fully understand how you feel. Incidentally you don't have to purchase the tickets, just apply for them, as you said two per family.
  14. I must have read the letter wrong, I took it that that they had to be purchased, when it said we could apply for them. Some days my head doesn't work too well, especially when it concerns my brother, things tend to blur
  15. There is another thread running about this today on 'Current Affairs'

    Jack-Daniels has put the link on there to donate to the project.