Armed Forces Memorial and Roll of Honour

I have done a quick search but couldn't see this being mentioned anywhere before (or recently) and thought it was certainly worth a post -

The Armed Forces Memorial:

"Will provide the first national memorial dedicated to the men and women of the United Kingdom Armed Forces (Regular and Reserve) killed on duty or as a result of terrorist action since the Second World War...The Armed Forces Memorial will not be a traditional ‘war memorial’ that only remembers those killed in conflict. It will also recognise the many servicemen and women who have given their lives while on duty and those killed by terrorist action. The Memorial will also help to raise awareness of the invaluable contribution made by the Armed Forces throughout the world...The Memorial will be located at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire."

Also - "Rolls of Honour will be in the Chapel of the Royal Hospital Chelsea for the Army. These will list the names of all those who have died in Service since the end of the Second World War regardless of the cause of death. They will be hand written on vellum in the traditional way. A team of calligraphers led by David Allan FSA Scot, who is a calligrapher and heraldic artist, will transcribe the names in chronological order and the books will be bound by James and Stuart Brockman Ltd who are leaders in this specialist field"

I for one will take imense pride in visiting the Royal Hospital's Chapel to see my dad's name and details.

Forces Memorial and Roll of Honour