armed forces loose ptsd case

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by notinmyname, May 22, 2003.

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  1. Find it very interesting that many ex forces are persuing a claim against the MOD for post traumatic stress disorder.

     what i find amazing is what the fcuk did they expect to come across in a war, WHY DID THEY JOIN, at the end of the day if they didnt like what they may or may have to do they could have just left SIMPLE just like their minds. Sounds like a pop group dont it!!!!!!!!
  2. I think you will find that if the police and Joe public can take the piss and try and squeeze a few extra quid...i.e. I saw the chaos at hillsbourgh on TV and have not been able to sleep since etc....

    That scum bag that was shot at that farm and unfortunately survived and is now claiming the same shite, as it has effected his sex life, and LOL is claiming for loss of earnings when the thieving bastard has never had or will have a job.

    That a few more cases in the military might pop up probably promoted by lawyers out to make a buck as well,  as after all the military is a reflection of society.

    I have never known any body to have post traumatic post office disorder, I definitely know a few guys who are unwell in there mid forties.

    A little w#nker like you trying to have a pop…….aah go and bury your head in shame you wee shite

  3. So Fireman should not be concerned when they see a burnt and disfigured toddler, and of course never claim

    Ambulancemen should be immune to the horrific sights they witness on a daily basis

    Policemen and women can just switch off to RTA piece picking up excercises

    It is blatantly clear you have never been near a battlefield or you wouldn't post such a pathetic thread

    Once again NIMN you show your self to be an arse, well done
  4. 'Notinmyname' demonstrates his ignorance (quelle surprise ...), of this case.  The claimants have never said that they should not have been exposed to the situations that subsequently caused their problems, but that when the problems arose, they should have been diagnosed and treated appropriately.  In other words, if you sustain a physical injury on the battlefield you will be sorted out, so why not if the injury is a mental one?  

    The treatment of traumatic stress reactions in the NHS (and by the Army), is very poor; now that the Defence Medical Services have been whittled away to almost nothing it's left up to organisations like Combat Stress to pick up the pieces.  For all those who are helped, many more, sometimes because of the stigma created by morons like notinmyname, are not; they often end up killing themselves or on the streets.

    I have been privileged to know, through my work, many PTSD sufferers.  Who is the better man - the one who can go into battle, and then has to try to come to terms with the effects, or the whingeing creature who criticises him from the comfort of home?
  5. I wouldn`t go as far as to say they shouldn`t be concerned or should be immune etc .
    However if they can`t handle such situations perhaps they made the wrong career choice .

    As for ex forces claiming for PTSD , I have an open mind .

    War is different from any other situation . It`s the only one where you will see horrific sights while someone else is trying to kill you . No other employment has this and I don`t think that any amount of training could prepare you 100% for it  .
  6. Slackjack, not a dig and please don't confuse it with one, Ill let you know when I'm having a pop ;D

    How do you know how you will react to sights and experiences such as the ones mentioned above.

    I for one reacted in a completely different way to how I expected when first confronted with a mutilated stiff. So by seeing it first hand is the only way to find out how you will react, not everyone can react in the 'switch off mode' So a handful of people are bound to be effected by the experiences of war.

    If they were prepared to risk all in said war, we have a duty of care to look after them should there experiences affect them adversly
  7. Don`t worry MDN , I know which idiot you`re having a pop at (and I don`t blame you) .

    We (Police , Fire , Ambulance ) can train for the horrors we may come across , the Police recruits watch a post mortem .
    Sometimes we can take a step back and let stronger people take over . We never have the added stress of an enemy trying his best to try and kill us .

    I can`t begin to imagine the stress of being under fire and my admiration for people who have been there can`t be expressed with my limited vocabulary .

    If a Soldier can`t claim for PTSD then no one else should !
  8. notinmyname, you should go here
    read some real horror storys from people who lived it.........Ever had to clean some of your pal up from a Milan? didnt see that in TAMS, must of missed the insert.
    Read and learn what that fight is realy about and why Ex Soldiers needed to their case to be addressed.
  9. NIMN. If a truck driver is injured in a crash, and left unable to ever drive again, he will have lost his livelyhood and quite rightly deserves to to get some sort of financial assistance to allow him to provide for himself and his family, perhaps for the rest of what would have been his working life. Do you seriously think that a court should turn round and say that he knew that the roads are dangerous and what did he expect - tough! You might not like the job that a soldier is doing but like it or not if he (or she) suffers an injury in that work whether it be physical or mental, which prevent him from working to provide for himself and his family then he has just as much right to support as anyone else.
  10. NIMN - ever had a "bad dream" about a real life event you have seen or taken part in?  that is PTSD in a minor way. Maybe think a bit more before you post on a subject you don't seem to know much about.

    PS how can anyone know what to expect, unless we are all meant to be sooth sayers and can see the future.
  11. Oh come on lads, been there seen it got the tee shirt concerning seeing death carnage and blood, even been injured at work resulting in two weeks in hozzy two operations etc, did i belly ache, did i want to sue the brigade for ptsd NO. i got on with life. just like they should. Maybe as one who was interviewed yesterday said,  not all the men in the army are mens men ooooeeeeerrrrrr....
  12. I am quite sure a lot of firemen have put in for matter what you call it...certainly most of the police force retire early on medical pensions.

    Regardless there is a matter of “taste” issue here.

    As for seeing blood and gore, I think the average twelve year old would not be phased by it now.

    I have never had any problems and thought all was fun, if not, I certainly took the piss out of it.

    If you look at those cases claiming, “Post traumatic no mail syndrome” I think you will find, it is more than symptoms to gore.

    I am sure many saw no blood but being cooped up on a ship with the fear of getting vaporized, many may have succumbed.  

    All I know is, I met a Matelot once who was on a ship that got hit by an exocet…what a nice bloke but by #### when he had a drink inside him, the demons came out.

    A couple of other blokes I knew just vanished.

    I am perfectly healthy and am not in their shoes, this is one case where even I think it is not fitting to throw stones.

    The knot of gut fear, knowing that you may not be on this planet tomorrow, I am sure is remembered by some, and has effected some more than others.

    It may be other causes.  

    The insinuation that true men do not get it shows your malicious self.

    Yet again, another paradox from a peace nik who likes to see his own side shot at dawn.

    I had a friend who went mad, the funny thing was we called him mad ##### as he was such a hard aggressive bloke who was so funny because of his outlandish behaviour.

    You would have had your lungs ripped out through your asshole by him in his hay day.

    It is so difficult to judge true personalities until it may be to late.

    I see the Fireman’s strike has been lost, and that you will lick your wounds and take what you were offered before Xmas.

    Perhaps you are suffering……………..

  13. NIMN, has anything you have experienced in your work stopped you from earning a living? If not then why the **** would you be looking to sue anyone? The whole point about getting compensation is that something must have happened to stop you from being able to earn a living or live your life the way you otherwise would have.

    If that does happen either physically or mantally to someone it doesn't make them any less of a person, unless of course you are the sort of low life who thinks it is fun to laugh at people in wheelchairs.
  14. notinmyname.......
    Tell us, ever been  under 18 hours of shelling on a position that took over 16 hours and 30 odd men/freinds to take and then wake up..again.

    Ever felt the need to jump out of a light aircraft over oxford with no chute?

    Felt you needed to handcuff your feet to the peddals of your car, dowsed in exelant then set fire to your self?

    If you was half the men that these soldiers were that did you would not be so ignorant and small minded. you talk on a subject you know nowt about.