Armed forces let down by public

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IT_GEEK, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. IT_GEEK

    IT_GEEK War Hero

  2. badger-sporran

    badger-sporran Swinger

    Britain's armed forces are being let down by a lack of support from the public, a think tank report claims.

    Well I never, fiirst there were invisible tanks now we have ones that think!
  3. Zeitgeist

    Zeitgeist War Hero

    I suppose anything is better than a DRUNK TANK !!!! :rofl:
  4. ukdaytona

    ukdaytona War Hero

    there was a Lance Corporal (??) on Breakfast news this morning. He was asked a few questions that to be honest they should of known better and not asked but the one question that did stick out was when they asked him how he felt about public support and his response was spot on.....

    'All most people are interested in is X-Factor or Emmerdale, not the guys n gals on the ground risking their lives'

    Panarama tonight
    Mon 5 Nov, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 60mins
    Taking on the Taliban - The Soldiers' Story

    Panorama follows a unit of 35 British soldiers on the frontline in Afghanistan during a recent six month tour which ended with one of them dead and 12 seriously wounded. This Panorama Special follows 'The Queens Company' into numerous fire fights in order to tell the personal story of a small band of men facing the biggest challenge of their lives and features dramatic footage of the most intense battles involving the British Army for half a century. And as the casualties mount, the programme through these men looks at the cost of the fighting and what is being achieved in Afghanistan.
  5. ted69

    ted69 Swinger

    Theres a surprise Armed forces 'let down by public', is not that the form when conflicts :?: seem to be going the wrong way
  6. Frangipano

    Frangipano Clanker

    Sadly its true. With the demise of National Service in the early 60's, many families have no living connection with either of the Armed Services and the same is true of employers.

    What has not done us any favours is you rarely see a serviceman in uniform unless you live in or near a Garrison Town. For many years, the only uniformed presence seen on the streets of non-Garrison locations was the Army Cadet Force. Many of us do not support the perception of uniformed service by not openly wearing uniform when we go the bank, filling station etc, but prefer to put on a civvy top and conceal our Service. So, is it no wonder Joe Public has little or no understanding of who we are and what we do and, more importantly, why?

    The Soldiers used in the big F&M Crisis was credited to the Reserves.

    Do not also forget that since 1982, no conflict we have been involved in has had a direct connection to defending the Country, "Her Majesty, her heirs, her succesors or her Officers". Instead, the British public has seen Billions of Pounds spent in such places as Kuwait, The Balkans, Sierra Leone, the current Gulf Crisis, all with absolutely no understanding as to why our troops are there.

    Ladies and Gents: I put it to you that since 1997 we have all been "Bliars" puppets for which Joe Public could not give a flying fc*k and does not really give a damn. The only members of the public with interest are those with current or ex uniformed connections.

  7. changingmag

    changingmag War Hero

    The term: let down by the public
    Is it because the public vote for the regime that has seen effective cuts to budgets that provide what the services need for a good standard of morale (good accn, eqpt et al)?
    Surely it's not the public that let the armed forces down but the Government and media? The again, publicity has been good of late; we can't control what people choose to watch instead of Panorama.
  8. ukdaytona

    ukdaytona War Hero

    Panorama followed a unit of British soldiers on a six-month tour to the front line in Afghanistan. It ended with one soldier dead and 12 seriously wounded.

    Reporter Ben Anderson kept a diary of his time with 'The Queen's Company'.
    In the following excerpt he describes a battle with the Taleban for control of the Green Zone - a solitary strip of fertile land about a mile wide that follows the Helmand River.

    With two companies of Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers, we joined the Grenadier Guards as they headed into the Green Zone. The aim was to clear the village of Kakaran and hold on to it.........
  9. ChickVonFlick

    ChickVonFlick Clanker

    Why do you need the sympathy/support of the public? I couldn't care less what they think of me. I'm doing a job, and they pay me through taxes. I don't support lots of things - name any football team. Doesn't seem to keep them up at night.
  10. Skynet

    Skynet LE

    Very simple really if we don't get the support of politicians and the public you will have no army left to worry about. I assume you are not a serving soldier?
  11. Sven

    Sven Crow

    I'm not going to mention Greys Lane - apparently I do it too much.

    Instead I will point out public responses to the saddest of times, that of soldiers funerals. I have linked several times to different funerals in villages in the North where the public filled the church, the churchyard and all around.

    I will point out the British Raj, a restaurant just outside Dartford where ALL the staff wore poppies.

    And finally I will point out the response to the QRL after they held their service in York Minster, just about everyone I spoke to was chuffed to rocks.

    In short, the public does care but it has the British failure of not being able to demonstrate it very well.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP RIP

    So the British Public are letting the Armed Forces down? Hope the public remember that when the's another Foot & Mouth outbreak,fiermans strike ect.
  13. Full publication here:

    Edited to add quote from page 71/72:

    Nice to get official notice at last. Well done the COs.
  14. I was watching "the world at war" this afternoon and it was the episode called "remember"

    Noble Frankland DFC

    Had said in one of his final round ups “many a service man came back from war expecting the pubic to warm to them, and they did not" or words very similar to this

    Now if this was 60 plus years ago when the world was at war, we’ve no chance at winning public sympathy more so if the current administration “liabar” is grinding the Armed Forces into the ground. The current conflicts have been confused so much by spin that nobody understands what the true fight is for “apart from terrorism word or oil word
  15. trackbasher

    trackbasher Old-Salt

    Its not the support of the public thats lacking .....its the LACK of support from the MOD and very senior officers....its them the politicians listen to and react to.